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AAE Announces New Partnership

New Partnership Announced between the Association of American Educators and the Indiana Public Charter Schools Association

Alexandria, VA – The Association of American Educators (AAE) and the Indiana Public Charter Schools Association (IPCSA) are pleased to announce a new partnership to support Indiana's charter school teachers. AAE, the premier national, non-union teacher association, will offer teachers and other employees of IPSCA member schools full membership in AAE in an effort to boost IPCSA's offering to their individual charter educators while also giving an option to educators that is both economical and pro-charter.

"We are thrilled to partner with IPCSA to provide professional membership and benefits to the Indiana's phenomenal charter school educators," said AAE Executive Director Gary Beckner. "This partnership will allow both organizations to better support charter school teachers as professionals."

As part of the partnership, teachers of member IPCSA schools are invited to join AAE for $15 per month. Teachers are then eligible great benefits and services, teacher scholarships and classroom grants as well as a cohesive voice on education policy issues that affect the classroom.
"Whether an educator works in a traditional, charter, virtual or parochial school, they need the peace-of-mind of solid protection so that they can focus on students in the classroom," said Beckner. "As an advocate for educators, we firmly believe that no teacher should be without individual professional liability insurance. AAE provides this and much more at a fraction of the cost."

AAE's partnership with IPCSA is just the latest in a series of formal partnerships with charter school associations in both California and Utah. Offering unmatched professional benefits, AAE's services and vision for educators continues to resonate with the charter community nationwide.

IPCSA President Russ Simnick praised the partnership as a welcome addition. "Our alignment with AAE allows us to expand our offerings as an association. We are pleased to build on our network of resources for Indiana's charter schools with this new program that offers quality professional benefits to our individual educators."


AAE Out & About in Indiana
garymicheleAAE had the pleasure of exhibiting at the Indiana Public Charter Schools Association Conference & Expo on September 19, 2012. Thanks to all of the fantastic teachers who stopped by the AAE booth and joined our association. Welcome to AAE!

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