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Loads of Free Online Resources for Teachers
posted by: Jill | March 02, 2011, 04:26 PM   

To be frank, I need the good stuff and I need it to be free, please. According to a recent survey by PBS, teachers’ reliance on technology and media to teach is increasing—rapidly. The increase is for good reasons: (1) there is quality content on the internet, (2) our students’ attention spans silently demand it, (3) it helps teachers differentiate instruction and (4) with school budgets shrinking, much of the online educational content is free.

So I’d like to thank eSchool News for compiling a list of ten quality online resources for teachers:
The added bonus of the article is the comments section. Teachers list a variety of websites which they find helpful. I was delighted to see Kahn Academy and TED Talks on the list. If you are unfamiliar with two of my favorites, read up! Kahn Academy and TED.

Here are a few of the teachers’ comments from the article:
  • "The best site for videos, that are safe for teachers, is and it has 23,000 free videos."
  • "Another great resource, searchable by topic and grade level is Frankly much more helpful than Thinkfinity.”
  • "I want to call your attention to BAM Radio Network – The Education Station. There you’ll find short interviews with experts in education, child development, the neurosciences, and more. There are programs for early childhood professionals, educational leaders, and parents… BAM Radio Network can be found at"

Looking at the BAM Radio Network lead me to the article “The Top Ten Podcasts for Teachers” from The Lesson Machine’s blog.  

I become uber-giddy when I look over the quality resources available online (I just found a new video for teaching the present progressive to my Spanish students).

There is such a wealth of information for teachers to obtain via the internet and so much of it is free. Used effectively, online learning resources can only work in our favor. Quality content which captivates our students and meets them where they are—in the world of technology—is a game-changer in the classroom.

See more great online resources on AAE's Professional Resources & Links Directory.

What are some great online resources that you use?
Comment below.

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Free listing of assessment resources
written by Nathan, May 23, 2011

The free searchable database at offers a single point of reference for teachers wishing to access or design assessments and learning activities for their students. Teachers can also add additional tests and tools which they have previously used and would like to share with the wider education community.
Classroom teacher
written by Sandy, March 02, 2011

Teachers that I know are voting with their "mouse clicks" by going in large numbers to Would you give it a review? I hear that 95% of the people use the free version of the site.
Free Online Class for Teachres (5 Clock Hours!)
written by Pamela, March 02, 2011

In addition to the many great online courses for teachers from Professional Learning Board ([url= teachers can get a FREE online class (regularly priced at $39.00) just by liking

Please check it out and tell your teacher friends!

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