The Association of American Educators produces several publications in pursuit of its mission to advance the teaching profession, including a monthly member newsletter,
Education Matters, and a history of the National Education Association, Powerful Failure.

Special Publications

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Back-To-School Resource Guide

This publication was developed specifically for teachers who are eager to hit the ground running on their first day back at school. Learn about:

  • Classroom Tips & Tricks
  • Ice Breakers for Back-to-School
  • Back-to-School Night: Tips for Teachers, and so much more!

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Education Matters
for Charter Schools

A spin off of our flagship monthly newsletter, this publication was developed specifically for teachers who face a unique set of challenges in charter school settings.

From millenial charter school teachers who chose to be members of AAE to amazing charter schools who are doing it right - and getting results - this special edition of Education Matters gives charter teachers a deeper look into the world of charter school education through the eyes of teachers just like them!


New Teachers Matter

This publication was developed specifically with new teachers in mind. Learn about:

  • How to set up your classroom
  • Creating rules, routines, & procedures for the classroom
  • What to do on your first day of school, and so much more!

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Latest National Survey

Every year, AAE gives teachers a seat at the policy table by asking them how they feel about the issues that matter most.

We make sure members are heard in Washington and in their state capitols by sending the results to education policymakers and stakeholders across the nation.

Find out what teachers said in ou latest edition!

Powerful Failure
How the National Education Association fails to use its influence for education

This booklet chronicles the development, growth, and politicization of the largest educators’ union in America, the National Education Association (NEA).


Education Matters

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Education Matters
April 2016

Feature Articles:

  • "7 Ways to Improve Professional Learning in the 21st Century"
  • "AAE-PACE Board Member
    Takes You Behind the Scenes
    of Sacred Elephants: The
    Catastrophic Crisis in Education"
  • "Member Submission: Literacy by the Numbers"

Reform Matters


Reform Matters

Looking for the latest breaking reform news? Check out AAE's online publication Reform Matters.

Resources in this publication include:

  • AAE reform blog roll
  • Reform organization/white paper spotlight
  • Timely articles, studies, and more!
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PD Matters


PD Matters

Every month, AAE sends members the latest Professional Development news through our PD Matters newsletter. If you're looking for Professional Development tips and tricks, PD Matters is the place to look.

This one-of-a-kind publication includes:

  • Featured book of the month
  • Special teacher resources
  • Top picks from our professional development calendar, & more!

PD Matters is a member-only publication sent every month via email.

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