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Louisiana’s A+PEL Releases Membership Survey
posted by: Ruthie | April 23, 2013, 06:39 PM   

The Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana (A+PEL) recently released their 2013 membership survey. Similar to the AAE National Membership Survey, this survey polled member teachers on pressing education issues and "highlights the depth of concern teachers have for the status of education in Louisiana," stated Kelli Bottger, director of communication for A+PEL.

Over 400 teachers participated in the survey, providing a holistic understanding of Louisiana teachers' views on education. Several key findings resulted from this survey.

• Teachers want to be rewarded for excellence.
Fifty three percent of A+PEL teachers agreed that educators should receive increased pay for good student performance.

• Teachers appreciate tenure, but not as a shield for ineffective teachers.
As AAE's survey demonstrated, 62% of teachers agree with the idea that, just as lawyers must pass state bar exams to practice law, teachers should pass a test that measures their potential to be effective. Similarly, teachers who have not proven effective should not be kept in the classroom.

• Teachers want autonomy.

Like most professionals, teachers want to make their own choices. Sixty three percent of A+PEL teachers would prefer to negotiate their own contract so that they can negotiate a salary and benefits package that best suits their lifestyle.

• Teachers agree that effectiveness should be a factor in Reduction in Force (RIF) policies.

Seventy-six percent of A+PEL educators believe that teacher effectiveness should be the majority component of RIF policies.

Keith Courville, A+PEL's Director of Professional Development concluded, "This data supports our long held beliefs that classroom teachers are read to rise to the challenge of educational reform. They are seeking proactive solutions for the benefits of students, not excuses for ineffective teachers."

AAE gladly supports A+PEL's desire to advance the teaching profession in Louisiana. As the leader in the non-union teacher movement, AAE applauds the strides A+Pel has made in Louisiana and looks forward to partnering with them on upcoming projects.

What do you think of the survey results?

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