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Using Podcasts in the Classroom
posted by: Melissa | December 11, 2013, 09:11 PM   

I have to admit, I’m a spoken-word type of person. I like attending lectures and prefer an audio book to music. In fact, I haven’t bought any new music for my iPod for years, even though I’m constantly trolling for something new and interesting to listen to. This is why podcasts quickly took over my listening.

Many people, like me, who listen to podcasts, do so for entertainment purposes. However, podcasts can also serve as a powerful tool in the classroom. Consider trying one of the following ways of using podcasts: 
  • Professional Development – There are many education podcasts that you can listen to just as a means of improving your own practice.  Podcasts like those by Teacher Created Materials, focus on specific teaching skills and strategies you can use.  You can also find podcasts devoted to particular areas like ARTS Roundtable and Speaking of History.
  • Education News – Along with podcasts that talk about technique and pedagogy, there are also podcasts that deal specifically with the broader issues surrounding education today.  These include TEDTalks Education, NPR: Education, and Learning Matters.
  • Delivering Content – There are a lot of podcasts devoted to teaching a particular subject area in a fun and interesting manner.  Consider podcasts from Grammar Girl, The History Chicks, Math Mutation, and The Naked Scientists. With these podcasts, you’ll probably want to assign a particular episode that goes along with your unit or lesson.

These are all obvious ways to use podcasting, but you can also:

EdTechTeacher has a great guide for how to create a podcast that you can use to get going with podcasting in your classroom.

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