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Esteemed Teacher Celebrates 100th Birthday
posted by: Ruthie | January 15, 2014, 05:57 PM   

New Jersey’s Agnes Zhelesnik will leave a last impression on her students. Having just celebrated her 100th birthday, Ms. Zhelesnik, or “Granny” as her students call her is the oldest working teacher in America.

When interviewed by CBS News Ms. Zhelesnik asks, "See my two legs? They still move."

Having begun her teaching career just nineteen years ago, Ms. Zhelesnik was previously a stay-at-home mother and homemaker for 60 years. She began teaching part time to spend time with needy students.

"The children make my day," she said. "It’s a great life watching them grow up."

CBS News asked a student, do you know how old 100 is? The child responded, “Very, very, very, very, old.” Another child said, “All the children love her because she’s so nice and compassionate and perseveres a lot.”

The home economics teacher has been a grandmother figure to countless kids in her teaching career. Parent Marina Gvatwick said, "It’s like she’s [my son's] granny, not just a teacher at the school." She continued, "She teaches about real life, and it’s symbolic that she has such a healthy and long and full life."

Ms. Zhelesnik not only gives lessons in home economics, but is a walking example of how to live life to the fullest.

Click here
to view her CBS News profile.

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