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AFT Teachers Understand Free Market Principles
posted by: Colin | February 23, 2010, 04:50 PM   

HT Mike Antonucci's Intercepts

AFT union members in New Mexico are expressing their disappointment in a recent Albuquerque Journal editorial by canceling their subscriptions. Imagine that, they have the freedom to take their business elsewhere.

As Antonucci notes:

If the real world were run like the world of public education and the disgruntled AFT New Mexico members decided to buy a rival newspaper every morning, they would still have to pay for the Albuquerque Journal, even if they didn’t read it. That way, readers wouldn’t be able to "divert essential resources" from the Journal.

Antonucci is referring to the current union argument against vouchers, that they "divert essential resources" from public schools, but irony exists on a broader level.

Across the country millions of teachers are forced to pay union dues even if they would prefer to take their business elsewhere. Even in right-to-work states, such as Nevada, where teachers can voluntarily leave the union, teachers are only able to do so two weeks out of the year—between July 1 and July 15! (pg 13). In fact, if your contract is terminated within the school year, the union deducts the remaining annual dues from your last paycheck (pg 14).

Imagine if the Albuquerque Journal had such a policy: no refund, and you can only cancel your subscription between December 24 and January 1.

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