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AAE’s 2015 National Member Survey
posted by: Alix | February 05, 2015, 05:00 AM   

Today, AAE released its 2015 Membership Survey about the nation's most talked-about education and labor policies. We're thrilled to showcase member opinions and share our findings with policymakers and stakeholders on all levels.

Overall, AAE members are supportive of various education reforms, particularly involving school choice, technology, teacher preparation, leadership, and collective bargaining.

AAE teachers support certain laws that advance school choice and promote options for both teachers and students:

  • 97% of surveyed teachers support public charter schools.
  • 94% of teachers support course choice allowing students to craft custom educational plans via different providers.
  • 56% of AAE members support Arizona's Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs), allowing parents of special needs students to choose a school that best suits their child's needs utilizing 90% of the dollars already assigned to their child through state funding.

AAE members embrace new technologies as a means to better prepare students for the 21st century:

  • 92% of AAE members utilize technology in their classrooms.
  • 67% of survey respondents agree with a proposal that would require students to take an online course to graduate.
  • 68% of teachers would support a blended learning environment where students spend part of their day with a teacher and part of their day on a computer.

AAE members are vocal about attracting excellent candidates to careers in teaching:

  • 37% of AAE members admit not feeling prepared for the classroom after traditional college of education experiences.
  • 76% agree with a National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) report that recommends rigorous teacher preparation requirements, including a 3.0 GPA and the passage of subject-matter tests to gain entry into teaching programs.
  • 66% agree that to attract new teachers and those with experience in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects we need to explore alternative certifications, allowing degreed professionals easier paths to the classroom.

When asked what criteria should be considered when labeling a teacher "effective," AAE members proposed the following:

  • 80% Student growth;
  • 76% Administrator review;
  • 51% Colleague/ faculty review;
  • 50% years of experience;

Similarly, teachers are interested in initiatives that advance their careers and explore innovative pay raises:


  • 60% of teachers supported a North Carolina bill that proposed an 11% pay raise in exchange for giving up traditional tenure.
  • 71% of those surveyed are interested in a hybrid teaching role that would encompass teaching in the classroom part time with additional leadership roles in a school/ district.

Transparency also plays a key role in the future of education. AAE members support efforts to engage stakeholders:

  • 67% of survey respondents agree with a new Colorado law requiring school boards to let the public observe collective bargaining negotiations.
  • 93% of teachers agree with a Massachusetts law calling for every employee who may be alone with students to be fingerprinted in order to check for arrests and convictions nationwide.
  • 86% of teachers supported a California law designed to protect personal student information.

Collective bargaining and labor reforms are also considered by AAE member teachers:

  • 64% of those surveyed would prefer to negotiate their own contract so that they can negotiate a salary and benefits package that best suits their lifestyle.

To view the full survey, read the February edition of Education Matters.

What do you think about AAE's latest Membership Survey? Does it reflect your views?
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