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The Do’s And Dont's of Co-Teaching
posted by: Alana | September 09, 2015, 10:36 PM   


Co-teaching is a critical part of thousands of classrooms across the nation for students who need a little extra help in school. But without developing good expectations at the beginning of the school year, students may not respect the teachers as equals. If this happens, it’s a very hard habit to break!


Here’s a list of Do’s and Don’ts for teachers who are in a co-teaching classroom this school year:




  • Discuss how each teacher will be introduced before students ever step foot into the classroom
  • Share leading roles as much as possible – especially on the first day back to school
  • Use words like “our” class, “we” are assigning, come to “us” if you have questions
  • Use both teacher’s names wherever possible (i.e. letters, classroom doors, assignments, report cards, etc.)
  • Create joint email accounts with dual signatures that both teachers and parents can use together
  • Plan lessons jointly. Use programs like to facilitate the effort


  • Introduce your co-teacher as an “assistant”
  • Treat or act as a helper that follows instructions from the other
  • Conduct conferences without the other teacher present
  • Let students favor one teacher over the other, but encourage them to utilize both equally
  • Single out special needs students more than necessary


Co-teaching has its fair share of challenges, but following these simple steps is a great way to stay ahead of the game this school year. As with most things, practice makes perfect!


Do you work in a co-teacher classroom? What advice do you have for co-teaching teachers?
Tell us in the comments below!


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written by Nicole Entwistle-Arizona, November 04, 2015

Co-teaching is so important when done right! Students will have more one on one time with two teachers. Is there anyway that co-teaching could go wrong, even with everything done right?
written by michele, September 15, 2015

In the beginning of the school year, students may not respect the teachers as equals

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