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Student Teaching: The Cooperating Teacher Series
posted by: Alana | June 15, 2016, 10:12 PM   

Guest post by Ann Weber


Have you ever hosted or thought about hosting a student teacher in your classroom?  It’s a big responsibility to be a cooperating teacher and definitely not a role to be taken lightly!  Recall your own student-teaching days and the importance of your own cooperating teacher.  Many of you grew abundantly under the tutelage of your mentor while others of you survived despite the limited guidance. What makes the difference in the effectiveness of a cooperating teacher?


Being an effective cooperating teacher takes a specialized set of supervisory skills. These skills extend beyond being a model classroom teacher. Cooperating teachers must know how to be purposeful in words and actions to maximize the growth of college-adults as they transition into a teacher.   Fortunately, these supervisory skills can be learned!  New and veteran cooperating teachers will benefit from reading this new book series which provides a firm foundation for the supervision of student teachers.


Student Teaching: The Cooperating Teacher Series includes three essential books to guide you through the stages of supervising a student teacher.  You can use all three to provide a heads-up on the total experience or choose the one which fits your current supervisory stage.

Preparing for a Student Teacher (Book 1) steers you through the details of preparing for the student teacher’s arrival, developing a plan for transitioning responsibilities, scheduling a total school experience, and building rapport with the student teacher and the college supervisor.

Coaching a Student Teacher (Book 2) provides valuable strategies for observing, analyzing, and conferencing with your student teacher.  It also examines your role in lesson planning and providing opportunity beyond your classroom. 

Evaluating a Student Teacher (Book 3) investigates legal issues, problematic situations, and the evaluation process, as well as supplying step-by-step assistance for writing the letter of recommendation.


Each short, quick-to-read book answers common questions, provides practical strategies and examples, and supplies reaffirming research.  Its format is user friendly with bulleted points, to-do lists, space for your own notes, and usable worksheets.  The writing style is casual, clear, and supportive.  It provides a solid foundation for the daily decisions that you make and allows you to see other situations that might evolve. There is also a website that provides case studies for you to apply your new knowledge and practice your new skills!

Maximize the affect you have on the future of the teaching profession by increasing your understanding of the cooperating teacher role and the skills necessary for directing the student-teaching experience as it unfolds.  The co-authors’ experience and passion provide the guidance you need to be successful as a cooperating teacher.  As they like to say about the series, “These are the little instruction books that should come with your student teacher!”


Student Teaching: The Cooperating Teacher Series (Full Series) ISBN/978-1-4758-3034-7

Preparing for a Student Teacher (Book 1) ISBN/978-1-4758-2353-0

Coaching a Student Teacher (Book 2) ISBN/978-1-4758-2466-7

Evaluating a Student Teacher (Book 3) ISBN//978-1-4758-2816-0

Rowman & Littlefield Publisher provides a 20% discount code to AAE members when they use coupon code: RLEGEN16.

Co-authors Ann Weber and Marvin Henry have over 55 combined years as teacher educators! With beginnings in the elementary and high school settings, they retired from Illinois State University and Indiana State University, respectfully. They previously co-authored Supervising Student Teachers the Professional Way, 7th Ed. (2010).  They continue as speakers, writers, and advocates for the professional development of cooperating teachers. They can be reached at


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