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AAE’s Legal Corner: Bullying in the Workplace
posted by: Alana | October 03, 2016, 05:26 PM   

Your coworker is snide and rude. He or she keeps undermining you in meetings, sending nasty emails, and is generally condescending. You could swear in the hallway yesterday the coworker deliberately bumped into you (but was quick to apologize).

Is it bullying? Work is miserable and you want to quit. What are your other options?

These days a number of schools have anti-bullying/harassment policies for employees. If your school has such a policy, take advantage of it and file a complaint.

If you have no policy in place on which to rely, analyze the behavior aimed at you. Is it inappropriate? Bullying does not have to be intentional and can include the following...

Find out what AAE's director of legal services warns are unintentional ways that bullying can present itself among colleagues and in the workplace in the latest edition of our flagship newsletter, Education Matters.

Have you been bullied by a coworker? What did you do about it?

Tell us in the comments below!


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