The 5 Types of Teachers During Summer Break
posted by: Melissa | June 12, 2019, 07:23 PM   

School is over, or almost over, and for teachers across the country, the break is well deserved. However, what do teachers actually do during the summer? We’ve found that teachers tend to divide themselves into five different types during the summer. Some spend all summer working while others enjoy having nothing to do. Want to see all five types? Read on below!

  1. The Worker

    Sure, it’s summer, but some teachers can’t turn it off. Whether they work in the school’s summer program or take a second job outside of the district, these teachers don’t feel quite right unless they’re staying busy and being productive.


  3. The Prepper

    This teacher is similar to the Worker, except Preppers are not getting paid for it. The Prepper spends all their available time during the summer going to professional development sessions, working on lesson plans, and reading professional books. During the school year, their minds are constantly swimming with all the things they could do better and summer is dedicated to actually making the changes they want.


  5. The Tourist

    For the Tourist, the summer is about freedom. During the school year, their natural wanderlust is constrained by the school calendar, but once the last bell of the year rings, they’re out of there! The Tourist has a summer filled with adventures and new destinations. When everyone returns to school in the fall, the Tourist will be the one who has their cell phone filled with pictures of everything from the Grand Canyon to Thailand.


  7. The Social One

    Just like the Tourist, the Social One also feels the constraints of the school calendar, but for the Social One, the busy school year keeps them from not from adventure, but from their family and friends. Whether they travel or stay close to home, their summer activities have one thing in common: people. They spend their summer months catching up on all the conversations they neglected and visits they postponed during the school year.


  9. The Lounger

    For the Lounger, summer is about one thing: rest. They’ve worked hard for 10 ½ months, and they’re going to devote a few weeks to rest, recuperate, and recharge. It’s not that the Lounger is lazier than the other types, it’s just that they know to get through the tough year ahead, they’re going to have to be on top of their game, and they’ll never manage that without giving themselves time to relax. So they do.

The thing is, there’s no right or wrong way to spend your summer, just as there’s no single teaching style. For each teacher, how they spend their summer has a lot to do with their personality, and if we’re honest, most of us are a mix of each.

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