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Weekly News Round-Up for September 20th
posted by: Melissa | September 20, 2019, 04:24 PM   

Each week, AAE brings its members a round-up of what’s happening in education. From big, eye-catching headlines to the stories most papers overlook, we find the news our members really want to see. This week: Climate protests, football safety, growing graduation, and more.

Student Climate Protests: Today has been set aside as a day when students across the country and world should walk out of class and join protests over current environmental policies. The timing of the protest is set to coordinate with a U.N. climate summit that world leaders will be attending next week. The protests are expected to be large. Schools across the United States have had to decide how to respond. Some districts, like in New York City, are offering students an excused absence (although not to their teachers). Others, like in Montgomery County, MD, are not excusing the absences. No matter what districts choose, they are in a tight spot. Districts are receiving criticism both for excusing and not excusing student absences today.

Football Deaths Putting Focus on Sport Safety: Two separate students in West Virginia and Oklahoma died after injuries sustained while playing high school football. Nor are these the only recent deaths associated with the sport, there have been several other deaths associated with football practices. Even before this past month’s rash of deaths made news, schools have been working at improving safety in high school football, including limiting how much contact students have during practice. Additionally, there are fewer students playing high school football now than there were a decade ago, partially due to safety concerns.

Georgia Graduation Rates at All-Time High: 82% of Georgia high school students are graduating, making it a new record for the state. That is an increase of 12% over the past several years and marked the seventh straight year its increased. In 2012, a new formula for calculating the graduation rate was introduced by the federal government and the state’s graduation rate went from 80% under the old formula to 67% under the new formula. The new formula specified that students should graduate in four years, where the old formula did not, causing the initial rate drop. Tennessee also hit a new record with graduation rates this year.

Happening Elsewhere:

Later school start time bill heads to Gov. Newsom's desk

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos touts school choice during visit to Milwaukee voucher school

U.S. Deputy Education Secretary stops at Treasure Valley schools that are rethinking education

Poll finds support for school busing to reduce segregation, but only among Democrats

DeVos to visit school that refuses to accommodate trans students

Back-to-School Night Is Hard for Single Parents

1 in 9 high school seniors vape nicotine near-daily, new survey says amid e-cigarette scare

High school gamers are scoring college scholarships. But can esports make varsity?

After years of debate, top Mass. lawmakers unveil school funding plan

'Red flag' law debuts in N.Y. schools

Oregon schools deliver worst test scores in 5 years

Most Florida school districts pass on arming teachers, state officials report

A new Florida app is tracking school threats, but many are bogus

NC got an ‘F’ for unsafe school drinking water. Activists want the lead out of schools.

New State Law Contributing To Spike In School Threats Being Reported

Oregon will spend big to promote youth mental health at school

Beyond books: School librarians now tasked with teaching technology, digital citizenship

Charter school advocates rally at State Capitol

What are the rules for Tennessee's new school voucher program? State board takes its first look

New York City proposes ban on chocolate milk in schools. State officials are unhappy

What’s going on where you are?

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