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Weekly News Round-Up for January 17th
posted by: Melissa | January 17, 2020, 08:57 PM   


Each week, AAE brings its members a round-up of what’s happening in education. From big, eye-catching headlines to the stories most papers overlook, we find the news our members really want to see. This week: prayer, textbooks, jets, and more!


New School Prayer Guidance: On Thursday, President Trump held an oval office event to announce new protections for students’ religious freedoms. Schools will be required to certify they do not have regulations that conflict with students’ religious freedoms and to notify the Education Department of complaints regarding religious freedom. The education department will provide guidance to remind schools of students’ right to pray while clarifying that teachers, administrators, and coaches are not permitted to lead prayer or give devotional readings. It also reminds schools that student-led religious organizations should have the same access to public facilities as secular groups. The guidance is not reflective of any change of law and is only a reminder of current law.


Selective Editing of Textbooks: A New York Times piece this week analyzed textbooks from different states and found stark differences depending on the part of the country the books were sold to. The analysis compared textbooks by the same publisher with the same title, authors, and publication year. The only differences were which state purchased the books. When analyzed, there were clear differences in the texts. Some differences were predictable due to the differences in standards and a desire to emphasize local history, other changes seemed more political. For example, a textbook sold to Texas omitted discussion of redlining or racial discrimination in housing, even though that information was presented in texts for other states.


Jet Fuel Dumped on L.A. Schools: A mechanical emergency on a Delta flight leaving LAX, caused the plane to dump jet fuel over an L.A. schoolyard where students were playing. 20 students and 40 others were treated for breathing issues and skin irritation, but no one was taken to the hospital. Although the plane was in communication with air traffic control at the time, they did not tell the controller they needed to dump fuel or follow the normal procedures the FAA requires. Several other elementary schools in the area were also affected.


Happening Elsewhere:

A Texas school district lost $2.3 million in a phishing email scam, police say

Police officer, spectator shot at high school basketball game in Dallas; gunman on the run

Middle schools enter a new era in sex ed — teaching 13-year-olds about consent

Parent union forming to combat power of public school teachers unions

The Supreme Court takes up a deeply fraught case about state funding of religious schools

How higher salaries for teachers became a Republican cause

Safeguarding the Mental Health of Teachers

Minnesota 'Teacher of the Year' kneels during college football championship

Student expelled from Christian school after posing with rainbow birthday cake

Rape question on Texas high school assignment prompts investigation, 'corrective action'

Vermont looks to become first state to provide universal meals to public school students

Texas education officials weigh new rules to fast-track charter school expansion

Newsom’s budget includes $900 million to address California teacher shortage

Poll by conservative education group finds bipartisan support for school choice, charter schools in Colorado

Georgia bill would provide student loan forgiveness for teachers -- with a catch

Republicans vote down another Indiana teacher pay boost plan

New Kentucky school safety bill would require all safety officers to carry a gun

As state budget stalls, NC teachers gauge appetite for statewide strike

Tennessee parents accused of misspending thousands on school voucher debit cards

Battle over school choice could stymie SC Senate education bill debate


What’s going on where you are?

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