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AAE Grant Helps National Security Magnet Program
posted by: Melissa | February 25, 2022, 08:54 PM   


I’d like to share with you something written by Steven Herrera, one of our Fall 2021 Classroom Grant Winners. He used the funds to purchase textbooks for the National Security Intelligence magnet program.  He writes:

Purchasing the new teacher edition, online edition, and student edition textbook for the Comprehensive Law Studies in the Law Enforcement magnet strand of the National Security Intelligence magnet program at my school, Barbara Goleman, will mean a great step forward. The current book we use, is an old edition of the books that were purchased. Those books were last published in the early 2000s. So much has changed since the times of flip phones, bulky computers, and Blockbuster stores.

With the new editions purchased through this grant I received, it will allow me and my teachers to design a new and updated curriculum for our students. This magnet program has been around for approximately 9 years. This is the first year in which I was honored with the lead magnet teacher position, and I want to ensure that my teachers are given every resource necessary to enhance their classrooms and undoubtedly benefit our students.

With updated textbooks in the Comprehensive Law Studies course, our students will complete their 9th grade school year with an improved curriculum that allows students to draw their own conclusions on the basics of law and criminal justice. It also provides students with updated court cases that have made a strong impact in society, that the previous edition was not able to mention. 9th grade is an important school year for all students. It helps shape them into the young adults they will become, and it is a new environment that students explore. Overall, 9th grade is a foundation school year for so many students. Providing students with a high quality and improved education, is just one step forward.

As you can see, Mr. Herrera’s winning grant is going to have a lasting impact on many students. It’s exactly the type of project we love funding at AAE. We give out our grants twice a year, and our next deadline is right around the corner on March 1st. If you have an interesting project you’d love to get funding for, apply over at:

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