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Alabama Teachers Flocking to AAE
posted by: Alix | February 03, 2011, 03:38 PM   

Due to some recent landmark legislation, Alabama teachers are finding themselves at a crossroads with their local union, the Alabama Education Association, an affiliate of the NEA. Recently, the Alabama Legislature passed Senate Bill 2. This measure prohibits the AEA from using payroll deductions to support political activity. This legislation is a direct blow to the union machine and the perfect opportunity for Alabama teachers to evaluate their membership and consider alternatives.

Teachers from across the state have been calling the AAE offices with questions about their options. The legislation itself may be cause for concern for Alabama teachers. Why would the legislature prohibit the union from collecting dues this way?

The answer is simple. The AEA uses their member dues for partisan politics. The money is going to everything from political polling to kick-backs to their national partner, the National Education Association. What's more is that through their national affiliate they contribute millions to partisan and liberal advocacy groups across the country.

Regardless of political leanings, the AEA and NEA claim to have a mission that exclusively supports teachers. We wonder, of course, how do funding these groups advance and support professional educators?

Further, according to an AEA member survey, members are "fairly evenly divided on political party self-identification—Democrat 37%, Republican 33%, and 30% Independent or other." Would all of these teachers approve their dues money going to partisan politics?

The writing is on the wall, and the time is now for teachers to understand their options. The fact is there is a non-union, truly professional choice for Alabama teachers. AAE is the country's largest non-union professional association for educators, providing superior liability insurance, legal protection and professional development resources at a fraction of the cost of the AEA.

Take this opportunity to examine the difference for yourself. The Alabama Senate was correct in passing this legislation. Tax dollars should not be used to process payments for partisan issues, particularly political polling and political action committee donations.

Our teachers deserve an organization that they can be proud of. Teachers, we urge you to make informed decisions on where to spend your hard earned dollars.

We extend a warm welcome to the many teachers across Alabama who have made the choice to join AAE in these past few weeks. Let your colleagues know about AAE today!

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written by AAE, April 09, 2015

Hello Bethany,

Thank you for your question. Please check out our website comparisons for more detailed information. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to call our office.
3rd grade Teacher
written by Bethany Phillips Mobile, Al., March 20, 2015

Please send me inforamtion, documentation, and details about the comparison of AEA and AAE so i can make an informed decision on where to place my support and where i can recieve adequate support when needed.

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