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Ohio Education Association Needs More Cash?
posted by: Alix | April 07, 2011, 03:45 PM   

Last week as Ohio Governor John Kasich was signing Senate Bill 5 into law, the Ohio NEA affiliate, the Ohio Education Association, was already mobilizing their efforts to repeal the measure that would end forced unionism, makes strikes illegal and close major budget shortfalls via a ballot referendum. In a current forced unionism state, the OEA already collects at least $63 million in dues per year. Apparently that figure isn't enough to advance their agenda as they are now considering extracting an additional $50 per member for the referendum campaign in November.

Regardless of what teachers think about the law, this fee would be required and nonrefundable. Does this sound fair to you?

Thousands of teachers are outraged by the thought of additional political fees, particularly when they already saddled with $800-$900 in dues per year. In an email released by Governor Kasich's camp, one school employee saw the added fee as an endorsement of a referendum she doesn't agree with. In fact, she believes Senate Bill 5 is a sound law. "I am very upset with the OEA Union," school employee Connie Ash's email read. "I am appalled that the OEA feels they can commandeer funds from my pay check without my approval."

Currently in Ohio, you must pay the OEA membership dues and fees as a condition of employment. Unfortunately, as of today, Connie would have to pay this additional fee. Senate Bill 5 would see that teachers are given the liberty to make that choice for themselves, that is if it has the chance to go into effect. Clearly, there are thousands of teachers in the state do not identify with the OEA's politics and do not want to pay exorbitant dues or forced fees to support their agenda.

AAE has always been opposed to forced unionism. This new idea by the OEA shows us that the organization views Senate Bill 5 as a threat to their pipeline of cash. The OEA is doing one of the things teachers unions do best, treating member paychecks as a political slush fund. Lacking the respect to ask first might be one of the key reasons why these unions themselves have lost so much respect with policy makers and legislators.

What do you think about the OEA potentially charging this fee?
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Re: Jennifer
written by AAE, November 10, 2011

Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for the interest. We would be happy to help. Please email for more information and your contact information.
written by Jennifer, October 09, 2011

I am opposed to paying the high OEA fees and especially the $54 political fee. Is there anyway out of this? Legal recourse? THanks for any help.
written by stephen katona Columbus, April 11, 2011

Public unions are a conflict of interest. Fair, honest negotiations are impossible when 90+% of union dues used for political campaigns go to one party (Democrats). Our elected reps will not refuse most contract demands knowing it will hurt contributions to their campaigns. Also, forcing anyone to have fees/dues taken out of their checks w/o a choice is criminal & I'm amazed they've gotten away w/it this long.
Freedom of Choice
written by Changing Times, April 08, 2011

I find your website to be refreshing. I know there are a number of teachers in our (Ohio) district who have refused to join the union- and wouldn't you know it, during CBA negotiations, "Fair Share" was a major sticking issue. SB-5, although more far reaching than it should have been, was a necessary evil in our state. We've lost the flexibility to run our schools efficiently and effectively. Personally, I think if we abolish tenure and many of the CBA constraints, good teachers would be maintained (vs. being laid-off) and great teachers would make a heck of a lot more.

I cannot believe that Ohio teachers have become pawns to the OEA -- it's time for them to raise up, and stand up, to the OEA.
Ohio Teacher
written by Cornelius Bayler, April 07, 2011

The OEA is one of the most secretive rip-offs ever. Most of their "Labor Relations Consultants" are making $130,000 plus, and each of them only watch over 6-8 schools. I've taught for 15 years and have seen our consultant once. They need more mcney from teachers to pad their pockets even more.
Thank goodness for Senate Bill 5, which gives us a choice to join the union or not. Thank goodness for you, the Association of American Educators. Finally, I can get fair-priced solid protection without padding the pockets of the OEA weasels.

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