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Google It
posted by: Jill | August 03, 2011, 01:59 PM   

Let's discuss Google products today. It really can't be ignored; think about it. When searching on the internet how often is this phrase heard, "I don't know, Google it." It became a genericized trademark in less than ten years. The products are quality and it's all free.

First off, it all starts with the email account, Gmail. I like to call it "the best email service...ever." Lack of spam. Conversation organization. Easy predictive typing. Additional apps along with the email account (all that is listed below are examples of those apps). Watch a video, if you need to know more about Gmail.

This list is not exhaustive. Visit here to see all of their products/apps. Your teacher brain will be brimming with ideas by the end of the afternoon.

Talk—Chat with your friends online—video or instant messaging.

Voice— One phone number for all of your phones and voicemail sent to your email or phone. Not to mention you can listen in on messages being left for you. The voicemail is transcribed and sent to your email. And you can choose to converse using your phone or your computer.

Forms—need to survey a lot of people? Need to gather information in an organized manner? Forms create an aesthetically pleasing form so you can find the information you need (I just created a playlist form for my sister's wedding in September; easy and cute.).

Docs—As the webpage says "Create and share your online documents, presentations and spreadsheets ( I know people who don't even use Microsoft Office anymore).

Picasa—Store your pictures, and don't forget to edit them too.

Earth—It's not just a map, it's a virtual experience with geography.

Calendar— Record your events. Always have them with you, and share them with friends too.

Translate—Decipher one of fifty languages with immediate translation services.

Reader—Bring blogs and news which are of interest to you into your reading sphere. Send them to your in box.

Scholar—Why Google search in the general search engine when you can narrow your search to finding scholarly papers?

Alerts—They let you know when items of interest come up in the news. No more searching.

Google is committed to helping education. Research how Google can optimize your schools here.

Do you have a Gmail account? Join today. I'm about 18,746 messages into mine, and I'm not looking back. Which Google products do you use in the classroom, at home?


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