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Eight Reasons to “Like” iNacol
posted by: Jill | November 16, 2011, 07:50 PM   

I experienced my first Virtual Schools Symposium last week in Indianapolis (It snowed). The International Association for K-12 Online Learning, iNACOL, organizes the event every year. What a quality experience! Let me count the ways:
  1. It was my first time attending a conference directed specifically to virtual schools and their teachers and students.  Technology is the best assistant, data gatherer, assessment provider, and idea generator that a teacher could ever wish to obtain!
  2. Michael Horn from the Innosight Institute spoke numerous times about the potential for virtual schooling (specifically blended experiences).  He also discussed case studies which are proving effective by placing students in charge of their learning.  This allows teachers to become the “guide on the side” to help students reach their potential.
  3. An AAE Teacher Scholarship winner from the spring 2011 competition, DeLaina Tonks, used her scholarship to subsidize her conference attendance.  She presented multiple times during the two and a half day event.  Inspiring!  She is getting it done at her school.
  4. AAE Classroom Grant recipients, teachers from the Open High School of Utah, presented at the conference about technology tools which they use with their students; it was a packed house, people were sprawled on the floor! One of the tools they shared is Voicethread,  a communication tool for students and teachers to discuss media, any kind of media.  The AAE classroom grant made possible the purchase of this communication software for all OHS students and teachers.
  5. I was able to gather additional ideas for future scholarship and grant opportunities for AAE members.
  6. I attended a session which discussed how to support teachers in their transition to become technology-friendly teachers whose classrooms utilize technology to push student achievement. Though directed to virtual school transition, it was easily applicable to helping brick-and-mortar teachers more tech-comfortable and tech-savvy.
  7. It was AAE’s first time exhibiting at the conference and we were very well received.  AAE attracts forward-thinking educators.  What can I say more than, AAE has the best members!
  8. And lastly, but not least, I was able to work with Paula Jackson-Eaglin, AAE’s beloved National Membership Director.  Everyone loves spending time with Paula.  Everyone.
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