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Reform Matters: October 12, 2012
posted by: Alix | October 12, 2012, 02:07 PM   

Welcome to the Association of American Educators' online biweekly publication, Reform Matters. This education reform-focused publication features both original AAE content and a compilation of the latest news from the growing education reform community.


As the largest national non-union professional association for educators, AAE is a non-partisan choice for teachers across the country. We are proud to be member-driven and only take positions on issues after our members are surveyed at a majority. The studies, articles, and policies showcased in this newsletter have not necessarily been endorsed by AAE; however, by sharing new and innovative trends in education policy, we hope to educate and empower our members by examining new possibilities in education.

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Opinion: Teacher Supports Charter Schools in Washington State
Moratorium on Public Charter Schools in New Hampshire
Influx of New Teachers Bring Changes to Schools' Atmospheres
Stranger than Fiction: Hugs Banned in Schools
Education Taking a Higher Profile in National Discussion
Election Day Resources for Educators
Teachers Fall Victim to Cyber Bullying


Reading List: One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined by Salman Khan, Released 10/1/12


A free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere: this is the goal of the Khan Academy, a passion project that grew from an ex-engineer and hedge funder's online tutoring sessions with his niece, who was struggling with algebra, into a worldwide phenomenon. Today millions of students, parents, and teachers use the Khan Academy's free videos and software, which have expanded to encompass nearly every conceivable subject; and Academy techniques are being employed with exciting results in a growing number of classrooms around the globe.

Like many innovators, Khan rethinks existing assumptions and imagines what education could be if freed from them. And his core idea-liberating teachers from lecturing and state-mandated calendars and opening up class time for truly human interaction-has become his life's passion. Schools seek his advice about connecting to students in a digital age, and people of all ages and backgrounds flock to the site to utilize this fresh approach to learning.

In his new book, Khan presents his radical vision for the future of education, as well as his own remarkable story.

Click here to view an interview with the author.


Education Reform Goes Hollywood: "Won't Back Down" Now in Theaters


Don't forget to catch "Won't Back Down,", a feature film highlighting struggling schools and parent and teacher empowerment. The move was released to theaters September 28 and education advocates are buzzing about its impact.

Commentary: Why 'Won't Back Down' Matters, Joanne Jacobs, 9/30/12

Voices: Movie's Vital Message, Education News Colorado, 10/1/12

Click here to view the movie trailer.


Education Technology & Blended Learning


"There is no silver bullet (to education reform), but we consistently find that when used appropriately, technology can enable teachers to lead differentiated and interactive classrooms." -Salman Khan
Commentary: The Rise of the Tech-Powered Teacher, Digital Directions, 10/1/12

Tech Trends: Blending online and traditional learning could be the future of education, Wausau Daily Herald, 10/9/12

Analysis: Getting Ready for Online Assessment, Getting Smart, 10/9/12


Teacher Quality, Curriculum & Alternative Certification


How are teachers portrayed in pop culture? Do the stereotypes degrade the profession? Commentary: Not So Hot for Teacher, The New York Times, 9/28/12

Video: Pricing the Common Core: How Much Will Smart Implementation Cost States and Districts?, The Fordham Institute, Spring 2012

Teachers are leaving the profession in Idaho, yet more teachers are entering the classroom through alternative certification. State Spotlight: Idaho teachers leave in bigger numbers, but more being certified, Associated Press, 9/28/12


Charter Schools, Choice & Reform Advocacy

Union-led charter school may be forced to shut its doors. Urban Spotlight: Union-Led NYC Charter School in Peril?, Education Week, 10/10/12


Research Paper: Learning from the Successes and Failures of Charter Schools, The Hamilton Project, Fall 2012

Presidential Election News: Obama And Romney Couldn't Be Further Apart On Education Issues, Business Insider, 10/9/12,

Obama's Education Fixation, Huffington Post, 10/10/12

Poll: Romney Out-Performed Obama On Education-Focused Comments During First Presidential Debate: Insider Survey, Huffington Post, 10/8/12

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