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AAE’s Facebook Contests for Educators Yield Great Feedback
posted by: Melissa | March 27, 2013, 07:03 PM   

Every month, AAE hosts a contest on our Facebook page where we give our teachers a chance to win helpful prizes. All our teachers have to do is answer a question truthfully and honestly. This month, we asked about their favorite in-class read aloud book. We got some great answers that we'd love to share:

John Enfield: "My favorite to read aloud to kids is 'Beowulf' Retold by Nicky Raven. Most kids have never heard of the Beowulf saga so this one really fires up their imaginations. It's written as if Beowulf's friend Wiglaf is telling the story to you in prose (as opposed to rhyming verse) so it is perfect for reading out loud. It is not 'dumbed down' but it is written in English that is fairly easy to understand with the occasional pause to define a word.

It has beautiful illustrations by John Howe too. The book is just big enough for kids to see the pictures from the back of a big group but not so big that you have trouble holding it."

Molly Gilbert Case: "My fourth and fifth graders have loved, "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane" our year isn't complete until I've shared this amazing story of character development and vivid imagery with them! Every student is very engaged and invested in the main character, it's a priceless read aloud."

Andrew Palmer: "Jordan Sonnenblick's Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie. Sonnenblick's main character is a young, nerdy teenager, and the first person narrative knocks it out of the park. The book is very funny, but it has a very serious theme that runs through it. The main character's little brother is diagnosed with cancer. You'll be laughing, and the next minute you're crying your eyes out. It is a book middle school students really connect, too. The first chapter is guaranteed to hook your low interest reader."

Erin Nash Casler: "I teach Kindergarten. My favorite read aloud is Mercy Watson series by Kate DiCamillo. Every year when I read te series my students and I fall in love with Mercy. The books are humorous and the plot is not too complex for Kindergarteners. The illustrations are great and the expressions on Mercy are priceless. My students love that Mercy is the hero."

And our winner this month is Cara Olson-Kolb:

Cara Olson-Kolb "I teach middle school English Development. My favorite read aloud is The Crossing by Gary Paulsen. The book can be challenging if students try to read it on their own, as a read a loud it offers a lot of opportunities for discussion and I am able to clarify more confusing parts. My students love the story, many of them are children of immigrants and can relate. It also opens doors to many discussions and writings about what students have to be grateful for".

Cara can reach us on our Facebook page or on our website to claim her prize.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for future contests and other information about AAE.

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written by Cara Olson-Kolb, August 04, 2013

I am just seeing this and it's August, now I'm sad that I missed my prize. I"m not sure how I missed this :(

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