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January 16, 2019
Contact: Christina Mazzanti

Non-Union Teacher Association Executive Director Responds to LA Teacher Strike

MISSION VIEJO – At the onset of the United Teachers of Los Angeles strike today, Association of American of Educators Executive Director Colin Sharkey issued the following statement:

“Across the country, teachers and education staff are under-supported, under-appreciated, and over-tasked. Teachers are frustrated. In response teachers’ unions have offered only more anger, more partisan politics, and more strikes—the same recipe used for decades with little to show in return. More of the same will never provide the change that teachers want and students need.

“The Association of American Educators (AAE), as articulated in our Code of Ethics for Educators, does not support strikes, regardless of how worthy the demands might be. Strikes are tremendously disruptive to the learning environment, withholding crucial learning time that they will never get back. Strikes can erode much of the goodwill of parents and communities increasingly receptive to teacher concerns.

“To be clear, striking teachers are not greedy, cruel, or selfish people—they’re exhausted. They know they are not being heard and are told that a contentious strike is absolutely necessary. It is not. Antagonism stifles collaboration. We must empower individual teachers and restore their voice in policymaking. Teachers, administrators, and parents must work together, not against one another.

“AAE encourages our members in LAUSD to follow their conscience and to respect their colleagues for the difficult decision to strike or to serve during a strike. We at AAE remain committed to a teaching profession that is well-respected, student-oriented, and personally fulfilling.”

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