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Press Release


February 6, 2008
Contact: Heather Reams

AAE Expresses Disappointment with Denver Classroom Teachers Association

The following statement can be attributed to Gary Beckner, executive director of the Association of American Educators:

AAE would like to express its disappointment over the Denver Classroom Teachers Association refusal to accommodate the staff of the Bruce Randolph School. The school's request to be free of some of the collective bargaining provisions is motivated by their desire to better serve their students. Time and time again, we tell lawmakers to listen to teachers when making policy decisions that affect the classroom. These fine teachers have spoken and everyone seems to be listening except the teachers union.

It is a sad realization that the DCTA is more concerned with holding the line and protecting the status quo rather than embracing the opportunity to send a message that kids come first. One can only hope that the good people at Bruce Randolph School can find a way to overcome this obstacle and continue with the success they have been able to achieve.