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February 10, 2021
Contact: Christina Mazzanti

Association of American Educators Responds to Biden Administration Policy Clarification for Reopening Schools Safely


Mission Viejo, CA – Colin Sharkey, executive director of the Association of American Educators (AAE), a national nonunion, professional association serving educators in all fifty states, released the following statement in response to the Biden Administration’s inadequate policy guidelines for reopening schools safely:


The Biden administration has set an inadequate goal for reopening schools that falls absurdly short of what students need, what many parents and educators want, and what health experts say is possible to achieve. Whether this is setting a low bar that is easy to clear or coordinating with union leaders obstructing school reopening in major cities, our students deserve better.

Simply put, the Biden administration substantially moved the goalpost for what qualifies as keeping its pre-inaugural commitment to America’s children. This must not discourage parents, educators, and community leaders from working to reopen schools safely. This walk back of goals weakens trust in the administration, a troubling development when educators are counting on leadership to amplify genuine concerns, for example, inadequate vaccine distribution to educators and school staff and new strains.

A growing number of educators, education supporters, child welfare advocates, mental health professionals, and medical experts have endorsed for months that the safe reopening of schools for all students is critical to stemming further learning loss, addressing the mounting mental health crisis, and reversing the truancy rates of students in every grade level. The longer these pandemic-related issues are unaddressed or under-addressed, the greater likelihood they are harbingers of crippling student achievement deficits for years to come.

We urge the President and the incoming Secretary of Education to listen to the guidance of parents, educators, and experts who want schools reopened safely. Our students cannot settle for less.


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