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March 26, 2020
Contact: Christina Mazzanti

Association of American Educators Releases "A Message to Parents & The Public" in Response to the Coronavirus on Behalf of America's Educators


Mission Viejo, CA – The Association of American Educators (AAE), a national, nonunion, professional association serving educators in all fifty states, has the utmost confidence in the women and men who serve our nation’s students and trusts that their professionalism and dedication will shine during these unprecedented circumstances. In support of the nation’s educators’ efforts to focus on learning and put our students first during long school closures, AAE has released “A Message to Parents and the Public” on behalf America’s educators.


This timely message addresses the challenges, transitions, and uncertainty that educators face as they continue their vital role in our children’s educational lives. “Now, more than ever is a time that we must work together, support one another, and prioritize the well-being of our children,” noted AAE Executive Director Colin Sharkey. “Understanding one another is crucial to working together and this message, distilled from member survey results and conversations with members throughout the country, will help parents and the public better understand what educators are experiencing.”


“A Message to Parents and the Public” is structured with eight concise but important dispatches from America’s educators confronting unprecedented circumstances, including:


We cannot let children with special needs fall further behind their peers. Issues of inequity are only exacerbated during a crisis. Decisions will be made in less-than-ideal circumstances that may lead to inadequate service for portions of our education community. We cannot ignore this impact. We must commit to remedying the unintended consequences of decisions hurting those who can least afford to fall behind.


Heroic things are happening right now. Educators are responding swiftly and selflessly to these new demands put on them by the Coronavirus pandemic. Teachers, administrators, and school staff are working to ensure students are fed, safe, and learning. We have challenges ahead, and unanswered questions and students who need urgent attention. Creativity and perseverance are crowding out uncertainty and discouragement. We face down challenges every day and we will tackle this one, too. Our kids need us.


We care deeply about your kids. You know this but it is also easy to forget, especially in times of increased stress, fear, and anxiety. We see your kids as “our kids.” We are worried about the academic progress of your children, as well as their nutrition, safety, and health. We can’t not care about how this is impacting your children. They are our priority.


The complete document is available at Additional educator resources, distance learning content, and educator legal rights FAQ are available on the AAE Coronavirus Response and Resources page, including The BIG List of Resources for School Closures.

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