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May 7, 2021
Contact: Christina Mazzanti

AAE Celebrates National Charter Schools Week 2021


Mission Viejo, CA – The Association of American Educators (AAE), a national, nonunion, professional association serving educators in all fifty states, celebrates National Charter Schools Week May 9 - 15, 2021. This year’s National Charter Schools Week celebrations will also recognize the 30th anniversary of the first charter school law. Since its founding in 1994, AAE has endorsed and supported charter schools and the educators and families who choose charter schools. The growth of charter schools has provided school choice to millions of families and today, charter school educators serve more than 3.3 million students.


AAE staff will host recognition events and celebrations for charter school educators nationwide. Their efforts to pivot quickly to maintain rigorous learning standards and serve their students during school closures caused by the pandemic will receive special acknowledgement.


“After more than a year of shut-downs, distance learning, hybrid instruction, and additional responsibilities above and beyond what used to be the “typical” school day, we are honored to recognize these extraordinary educators, administrators, specialists, and staff for their vision, their dedication, and their professionalism,” stated Association of American Educators’ executive director Colin Sharkey. “The innovation that is exemplified in charter schools across the country, even under the most challenging circumstances, continues to be a key to their delivery of high quality education for our students.”


The Association of American Educators’ director of charter school services Amanda Alpert Knight noted, “This has been a school year like none other and our charter schools have risen to remarkable heights ̶ always putting their students first. We look forward to expressing our gratitude to charter school educators through sharing their stories and highlighting their countless successes.”


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