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June 20, 2013
Contact: Alexandra Freeze

The Association of American Educators Supports NCTQ Teacher Prep Report

Alexandria, VA – This week, through a partnership with U.S. News & World Report, the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) released a comprehensive report of reviews of teacher preparation programs from around the country. NCTQ Teacher Prep Review rated more than 1,100 schools of education based on a myriad of evidence-based criteria. The report shows only a handful of teacher preparation programs are performing at a high level and a significant number are not adequately preparing future teachers.

The Association of American Educators has signed on in support of the new report and joins the larger coalition of education advocates in calling for the reform of teacher preparation programs. In light of the release, AAE Executive Director Gary Beckner issued the following statement:

"AAE is pleased to support NCTQ's important new research. With the teaching profession growing and evolving, one theme remains constant–effective teachers are the key to student success. NCTQ's report is a perfect opportunity to start a frank discussion about teacher preparation in this country. In order to attract our nation's best and brightest to the classroom, we must elevate the teaching profession and ensure that future educators are adequately prepared via quality teacher preparation programs.

According to our membership surveys, teachers are in support of more rigorous standards for entering the teaching profession. Similarly, many educators entering the profession report feeling unprepared. As we raise the bar for students and current classroom teachers, we must ensure that prospective educators are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

This new report is a critical first step in addressing the growing need for stronger teacher preparation programs. Through comprehensive data, the analysis will offer schools of education the opportunity to evolve and work towards better preparing the next generation of teachers."

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