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Press Release


June 25, 2008
Contact: Heather Reams

AAE Calls for Education to Be Top Priority in 2008 Election

Alexandria, VA — The Association of American Educators (AAE), the largest national non-union professional teachers’ organization, is calling on the presidential candidates to make education a key issue in this year’s election. Although both candidates - Senators John McCain and Barack Obama - have outlined education platforms on their websites, AAE is calling for a more thorough discussion about education.

“Education is one of the most important issues in our country today, and it’s time to have an honest public discussion about education reform,” said Gary Beckner, executive director of AAE. “Because of education’s national importance, the presidential stage is the appropriate place for this kind of dialogue.”

AAE is a non-partisan organization; however, due to the state of education in America, AAE believes it’s time to take a hard look at the issues facing our students, our teachers and our communities without the confines of supporting certain political agenda or party. AAE further believes that status quo, as supported by other teacher groups, is simply not working.

“Education should be a non-partisan issue, but many groups seem to be benefiting from making it a political issue,” said Gary Becker, executive director of AAE. “Unfortunately this practice is only hurting our children because education improvements that are key to student achievement are few and far between.”

Further information about the education platforms for the respective presidential candidates can be found at and

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