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July 26, 2021
Contact: Christina Mazzanti

AAE Urges Congress to Reject Funding Measures That Punish Charter School Students


Mission Viejo, CA – The Association of American Educators (AAE), a national, nonunion, professional association serving educators in all fifty states, is expressing its strong opposition to section 314 of the FY 2022 House Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Bill released on July 11, 2021. Section 314 threatens charter school students and families with the loss of federal funding if the school contracts with any for-profit company to operate, oversee, or manage the activities of the school.


“Singling out charter school students and penalizing them if the school community contracts with a business to ensure effective services at the school is absolutely the wrong approach to concerns about responsible use of public funds,” stated AAE Executive Director Colin Sharkey. “We urge Congress to reject any measure that would impose onerous burdens on charter school communities or threaten the funding of charter schools that provide high-quality education for our nation’s children.”


The membership of the Association of American Educators, who are mostly public school educators, has regularly expressed support for high quality public charter schools as a vital component in our nation’s investment in public education. On average, eighty percent of survey respondents support public charter schools.


Public charter schools serve more than 3.3 million American children and are the workplace of choice for more than 219,000 educators. For more than thirty years, charter schools have been hubs of education innovation and vital providers of school choice for parents, educators, and students.


“Students, families, and educators who choose public charter schools deserve the same level of public investment as those in public district schools, with all schools making sound, transparent, and responsible decisions regarding contracting with for-profit businesses to conduct school operations and services,” added Sharkey.


AAE members are invited to participate in efforts to better educate the public about how the educators at public charter schools provide unique and effective learning environments for the students who choose to attend public charter schools.


“AAE supports charter schools, and as an organization that represents educators in all school types, we have heard time and time again through our membership surveys that educators overwhelmingly support school choice and high quality charter schools,” stated Amanda Alpert Knight, AAE Director of Charter School Services.


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