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Press Release


July 30, 2008
Contact: Heather Reams

NEA Neglects to Focus on Education as Priority

Alexandria, VA — Following the National Education Association’s annual convention over the Fourth of July weekend, it is evident that the NEA is intent on focusing its efforts on issues well outside of improving education in America, says the Association of American Educators.

“This year’s convention is yet another example of the NEA continuing to neglect education issues and instead focusing on issues that are more in line with the Democratic Party than mainstream teachers,” said Gary Beckner, AAE Executive Director. “America’s education system is at a crossroads, and the key issues at the convention of the most powerful teacher union are anything but education related.”

Because the NEA has a resolution supporting universal health care, NEA agreed at the convention to put its name and members’ dues into a coalition of liberal groups calling for a universal health care system called Health Care for America Now. The NEA has contributed at least $500,000 toward the promotion and operations of the coalition.

“The NEA is continuing its tradition of using member dues for purposes that have nothing to do with education or the teacher in the classroom,” said Beckner. “This is just the latest in a long line of partisan political spending by the NEA.”

NEA resolutions, which are approved at the annual event, have routinely been criticized by educators – both members and non-members – because many of them do not address education issues. The resolutions include support for controversial social issues such as abortion on demand and homosexual rights. The more bizarre resolutions include statehood for the District of Columbia, preventing the placement of weapons in outer space, and opposing the exploitation of mail-order brides.

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