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For Immediate Release
August 8, 2007
Contact: Heather Reams
Director of Communications

New AAE Chapter in Colorado Promotes Professionalism for Educators

Alexandria, VA—The Association of American Educators (AAE), the largest national non-union teachers’ association, announces its newest affiliate in Colorado. The Professional Association of Colorado Educators (PACE) marks the 14 th state chapter under the AAE umbrella, and the 25 th state to have a non-union professional educators’ organization.

The new Colorado group is led by Dr. Kris Enright, who has nearly 20 years experience in education in Colorado as a public school teacher and administrator, as well as a college professor. PACE is devoted to working collaboratively with all stakeholders in Colorado education – parents, students, teachers, administrators, and the community – to build support for educational improvement and innovations in order to advance and improve the state’s educational system.

“The professional educator is looking for opportunities to learn and grow in their careers,” said Dr. Enright. “PACE will help educators become the best that they can be to help Colorado become a better place for teachers to teach and students to learn.”

With the addition of PACE, half of the United States now has a non-union professional association for educators with over 300,000 members nationwide. Within the last decade, the number of state-based associations has grown from 10 to 23 states. In some states such as Georgia, Texas, and Missouri, the non-union associations have grown larger than the teacher labor union affiliates in those states.

“The growth of non-union education associations is proof that today’s educators, especially younger teachers, want to belong to an association that promotes professionalism,” said Gary Beckner, executive director of AAE. “Educators are academic professionals like doctors, lawyers and engineers, and should be treated as such. Industrial-style unionism advances neither the respect nor compensation that educators deserve.”

Along with AAE, PACE joins 22 other non-union state organizations that have pledged not to endorse or give money to political candidates or causes. Instead, PACE only focuses on education issues, believing that controversial social issues are personal and have no place in a true professional education association.

“Non-union education associations are about what’s most important – educating kids,” added Beckner. “Not a dime of our members’ dues is used to support a non-educational agenda.”

More information about PACE can be found at PACE membership is only $15 per month and is open to all Colorado employees of education institutions.

Dedicated to the academic and personal growth of every student, the Association of American Educators is the premier educators’ network that advances the teaching profession through teacher advocacy and protection, professional development and promoting excellence in education so that educators receive the respect, recognition and reward they deserve. AAE has members in all 50 states and welcomes professionals from all education entities.