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December 12, 2012
Contact: Alexandra Schroeck

Association of American Educators Reacts to Passage of Michigan Right-to-Work Law

Alexandria, VA– Today, Governor Rick Snyder signed a law that will make Michigan the 24th Right-to-Work state. The new law will prohibit requiring workers to pay union dues or fees as a condition of employment.

Following the news, AAE Executive Director Gary Beckner issued the following statement:

"The Association of American Educators congratulates Michigan on this important step toward freedom of choice. While this decision has been vilified by union leaders who claim to be watching out for the 'rights' of their members, under this new legislation, it is the worker–public or private–who now has the ultimate right whether or not to pay dues to a private, politically-charged organization.

This issue of compulsory unionism is at the heart of why AAE was founded as an alternative to teacher labor unions. AAE is adamantly against any policy where teachers are forced to pay union dues or fees as a condition of employment and believes that the teachers of Michigan, as college-educated professionals, should be able to decide whether union membership matches his or her budget and beliefs.

This legislation will finally allow educators across the state to evaluate their membership in the union and make decisions about where to spend their hard-earned dollars. Forced unionism is neither democratic nor reflective of the diverse political opinions of Michigan teachers.

As an organization representing teachers in Michigan, we know there are many educators who do not want to be represented by a union and do not want to pay union dues but are forced to do so because of archaic state laws. We anticipate an easier path for teachers searching for union alternatives in the months ahead. AAE looks forward to welcoming these teachers seeking nonpartisan professional options."

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