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AAE Members Testify in Support of Indiana Senate Bill 302
posted by: Alix | January 14, 2015, 02:48 PM   

Senate Bill 302 was recently introduced in the Indiana State Legislature. According to the language, SB 302 "provides that a teacher who is not a member of the exclusive representative (union) may enter into an employment contract with a school corporation that contains terms that differ from the terms set forth in the collective bargaining agreement."

While no bill is ever perfect, this legislation would enable AAE members and other non-union teachers the option of negotiating their own contract to their own advantage.

As always, AAE only takes positions on issues if our members are surveyed at a majority. Based on member feedback, Indiana members have been in favor of similar proposals:

  • 63% of teachers surveyed would prefer to negotiate their own contract so that they can negotiate a salary and benefits package that best suits their lifestyle.
  • 89% support an a la carte benefits plan where prospective hires could pick and choose salaries and benefits based on personal needs.

A few AAE-Indiana members have been very vocal about promoting this bill. AAE member teacher Marlise Stieglitz submitted testimony to the Indiana Senate Pensions and Labor Committee today explaining, "I have never understood wanting to be treated like a professional and yet wanting 'blue collar' treatment."

Have your voice heard! If you have strong opinions about the bill, please let AAE know. Debate for SB 302 has been scheduled for today in Indianapolis. We'll keep AAE members updated on future developments.

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