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Reform Matters: December 2, 2015
posted by: Alana | December 03, 2015, 06:49 PM   
 A Publication of the Association of American Educators
Volume 4, Issue 8: December 2, 2015
Video Release

Welcome to the Association of American Educators' online publication, Reform Matters! This education reform-focused publication features both original AAE content and a compilation of the latest news from the growing education reform community.



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Note: We are proud to be member-driven and only take positions on issues based on member surveys. The studies, articles, and policies showcased in this newsletter have not necessarily been endorsed by AAE; however, by sharing new and innovative trends in education policy, we hope to educate and empower our members by examining new possibilities in education.

Lawsuits with Impact: Watch & Share!
In September, AAE sat down with stakeholders from the monumental
Friedrichs and Bain
court cases to find out more about how they came to fruition - and how they could fundamentally alter the state of education nationwide for teachers like you.
We want every teacher to be a part of this lively discussion and bring to light the issue of teacher freedom of choice. So when you finish watching this video, share it with your friends and colleagues to help us empower teachers to be a part of this growing movement.

AAE President Gary Beckner Sounds Off in the Wall Street Journal

"Once uncommon, unionization of charter schools is a very real threat to the innovative, flexible environment charters were intended to cultivate. Union representation eliminates the environment that gives charter schools an edge. Teachers and administrators should be aware of their options before committing to union representation.

Teachers in a modern-day workforce understandably want a voice. It is perfectly reasonable for a professional educator to worry about job security or school evaluation policy, for example. Teachers have options that don't include spending upward of $1,000 a year on a union.

A nonunion national organization, the Association of American Educators, supports charter school teachers without creating cumbersome contracts and charging teachers high dues. Serving members in all 50 states and endorsed by several state-based charter school associations, AAE provides professional benefits like liability insurance and legal counsel at a fraction of the cost. The nonunion option provides a modern approach to educators without the stifling contracts, red tape or partisan politics associated with a union." Click here to read & share.

Education Technology & Blended Learning  

Districts Struggle to Judge Ed-Tech Pilot Projects, Education Week, 12/1/15

It's Not a Technology Issue, Huffington Post, 11/24/15

Newark May Signify School Dysfunction, But Its Successful Education Technology Plan Just Won a National Award, The Hechinger Report, 11/25/15

Teacher Topics  

2016 may be the year of teacher freedom of choice! US Supreme Court to Tackle Mandatory Union Fees Case in Early 2016, Education News, 11/30/15

Can we find a meaningful evaluation system that works? Reports Conflict on Teacher Evaluation Value, Uses, Education News, 11/21/15

Charter Schools, Choice, & Reform Advocacy 

It's Really Happening: The Every Student Succeeds Act Explained, Education Week, 11/20/15

Commentary: The Rewrite of No Child Left Behind Is a Compromise, but a Principled One, AEI, 11/24/15

Union Dues at Work: Documents Show Teachers Unions Spent Millions on Luxury Hotels, Overseas Travel, Car Services, The Seventy-Four, 11/29/15
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