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AAE Touted as Alternative to Unions
posted by: Colin | August 12, 2010, 05:52 PM   

This week President Obama signed a $26 billion jobs bill designed to supplement struggling state education budgets, touting that the extra funding will save the jobs of teachers that would otherwise be laid off. Sarah Lee, of The Daily Caller, and others have criticized the bill as being a bailout to the teachers unions. In her argument, Lee notes that not all teacher associations are proponents of the union model, specifically noting (emphasis added):

"Despite the fact that, by law, teachers are not required to join a union – in fact non-union teachers’ associations such as the Association of American Educators fight to offer an alternative to unions – most teachers are intimidated, if not outright bullied, into joining a union and paying their dues by facing being potentially labeled outcasts or by facing exorbitant insurance costs that the unions tell them can only be mitigated by signing up. Exacerbating the blatant fallacy that this bill is intended to improve education and by extension train a weather eye on the welfare of the nation’s children, advocacy groups are up in arms over the fact that funding for the bill will come in part from the acceleration of the slashing of food stamp programs."

Lee also notes how the funding benefits the teachers unions (emphasis added):

"It’s been reported that, on average, 1% to 1.5% of teachers’ salaries go toward paying union dues. Additionally, and somewhat suspiciously, the Wall Street Journal reports that, according to a Stanford University researcher, student enrollment grew by 22% from 1990 to 2007, but teacher employment grew by 41%. Further, student enrollment has grown by 5% since 2000, but teacher employment has outpaced it by 10%. What this means is that the unions stand to gain an estimated $100 million in fees as a result of the stimulus. More teachers mean more forced dues."

For more, visit AAE's Forced Unionism page.

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Public School Graduate, private citizen, taxpayer/voter
written by SK8FREE 4EVER, October 23, 2012

Dear Rene,
I sympathize with your plight. As a graduate of Long Beach's public school system, I know firsthand the difference between good teachers (of which there are many) and those who are merely passing time and giving social promotions...

However, you've made your bed with the UTLA, now reap the *benefits* of union membership....

Cry foul because the sex scandals and ageism isn't cutting your way.... Cry foul because the axes of political favoritism are being sharpened upon your neck?

I believe there may be an arbitration clause in your union contract... if you feel you have been wronged, there is recourse.
Utla itakes dues, does nothing
written by Rene Long Beach CA , May 01, 2012

We have been targets of a brutal effort to ocleanse teachers at LAUSD . Hiding behind a rash of child sex scandals the district has undermined due process and our contract with the blessing and support of Utla.its ageism and worse as Deasy declared it open season so anybteachers are being ruined by principal's with an ax to grind,. Some are whisle blowers, others sacraficed because if their color, religion. None of it is egrious but the board has pushed every teacher by without much scrutiny of the file nor interest in evidence/ witnesses.
Where would we start to ? We need protection now.

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