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Teacher Uses AAE Grant for Document Camera
posted by: Melissa | December 10, 2021, 03:20 PM   

Each year, AAE gives thousands of dollars away to teachers for use in their classrooms. These funds can go to professional development, to large classroom projects to just staple supplies. This week, we're featuring grant winner Jennifer Lambert. She used her funds to pay for a document camera. Of her purchase, she says:


Students learn in a variety of different ways. Some are learning better through listening, some through doing and some through seeing. In my classroom, I also have a variety of different learners including those with special needs and English Language learners as well. I wanted to be able to successfully reach each of the students to have them learn to the best of their ability.

Through the use of my document camera which was funded by the grant I was able to do so. I was able to use a visual model to teach the concept of dividing fractions. I used fraction tiles and was able to display them in front of the class on the board so that all students were able to see them. This helped with the assignment students completed because we used the visual models to help us. Additionally, with the document camera, I was able to show off students' work. Students were using pencil and paper to solve word problems. I had given students time to write out their solutions by highlighting key words that help them understand the problem better. I then was able to display and show off some of the great work that the students did.

Through the grant funded document camera, my students were able to learn more precisely and in a visual manner. Many educators are struggling finding and having the right tools they need to have their students be successful. With this camera, students had a more equal learning experience because they are able to use visual models to see problems more clearly.

AAE's Teacher Scholarships and Classroom Grants are awarded twice yearly. We give awards of up to $500 to practicing classroom teachers. You can learn more about our program and apply at:

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