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NEFW Spotlight: Kansas Teachers Decertify from Union
Written by AAE Ruthie   

In honor of National Employee Freedom Week, a nationwide campaign offering an unparalleled focus on the freedoms union employees have to opt out of union membership, we are sharing stories of teachers who have exercised their rights and have chosen the organization that best meets their needs.
The Strength of Project Based Learning
Written by AAE Melissa   

As teachers look for new and creative ways to drive student instruction, more of them are turning to project based learning (PBL).
Charters in Washington, D.C. Schools Face Pressure from Unions
Written by AAE Ruthie   

In the past year, Washington, D.C. public charter schools have experienced a five percent enrollment increase, rising to nearly 81,000 students this school year alone. They now comprise 41% of all public school students in the District of Columbia.