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About Us

The Association of American Educators (AAE) is the non-union professional educators organization, established in 1994 by nationally recognized educators who saw the need for a professional educators organization that focuses on student achievement without an emphasis on partisan politics and that provides genuine professional benefits at a reasonable price.

Who We Are

AAE is the largest national organization of its kind with members in all 50 states.

AAE is a non-profit organization that seeks to foster greater professionalism in the classroom.

AAE serves professional educators who put the educational interests of students first and foremost.

What We Believe

AAE believes that professional educators should belong to an organization that promotes their profession above personal gain.

AAE believes strikes and boycotts are detrimental to students and to the reputation of teachers as professionals.

AAE believes the keepers of the status quo in education are self-serving and misguided. We know that students learn differently so a one-size-fits-all learning environment is counterintuitive.

What We Do

AAE provides professional benefits and services to educators, including liability insurance, scholarships and grants, and professional resources.

AAE promotes classroom teachers as professionals.

AAE only takes policy positions on issues germane to education.

AAE gives peace-of-mind to educators so that they can focus on what’s important–educating kids.

What We Do Not Do

AAE does not engage in collective bargaining. We believe that collective bargaining focuses on what’s best for adults, not necessarily students.

AAE does not spend any of our members’ dues on partisan politics nor do we support or oppose controversial agendas unrelated to education.

AAE does not tell members which candidates to vote for–a refreshing change compared to other teacher associations.

Association of American Educators is incorporated as a 501(c)(6), non-profit, professional association. Professional membership in AAE is open to any employee of an educational entity. In addition, parents, business leaders, and legislators can support our efforts by becoming an Associate/Support Member.