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Education Matters


Education Matters
is the Official Newsletter of AAE

Education Matters is an easy-to-read and right-to-the-point monthly newsletter with interesting and informative articles that provide a refreshing perspective.

AAE members receive a printed and/or digital copy of Education Matters every month.

Current Issue

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Education Matters
Spring/Summer 2022

Feature Articles:

  • "Great Teacher Resignation"
  • "Teacher Appreciation Transformed to Inspiration"
  • "AAEF Classroom Grant Winner Uncovers a Wealth of Artistic Talent in Her Students"
  • & More!


Previous Issues

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Education Matters
Winter 2022

Feature Articles:

  • "School Choice Works"
  • "Educators Change Lives"
  • "State of Educator Mental Health"
  • "Enhancing Student Motivation"


Education Matters
Fall 2021

Feature Articles:

  • "Mental Health: A Back-to-School Priority for the Nation"
  • "Why Having Protection before Something Happens Matters"
  • "Educator Recommendations for a Successful Back-to-School"
  • "Why COVID-19 Looks Different This Back-to-School"


Education Matters
Summer 2021

Feature Articles:

  • "Above & Beyond: How an Entire School Community Responded to COVID-19"
  • "Lasting Legal Changes for Educators"
  • "Celebrating 30 Years of Charter Schools"
  • "Milestones in Advocacy 2021"
  • "Meet the New Chairman: DeLaina Tonks"
  • "Professional Development Portal"
  • "Children of Military Families Face Challenges Not Always Evident in School"
  • "AAEF Grant Winner Wendy Courtney Opens Up the World of Synthetic Biology for Her Students"
  • "AAE Staff Remember Gary Beckner"
  • "The Pandemic Creates a Probletunity"


Education Matters
Spring 2021

Feature Articles:

  • "Member Survey Highlights"
  • "Schools of Choice"
  • "Committed to Increasing Teacher Diversity"
  • "Education Begins and Ends at Home - Pandemic or No Pandemic"
  • Special Section: Gary Beckner
  • Yes, Even in a Pandemic, Teachers Still #LoveTeaching
  • Legal Services 2021 Forecast and Advice
  • Salute to AAEF 2020 Scholarship & Grant and COVID-19 Relief Winners
  • Read Better with Social Studies


Education Matters
November/December 2020

Feature Articles:

  • "Thankfulness, Advocacy, and Resilience"
  • "AAE and Our Members Giving Back"
  • "The Real Cost of the Digital Divide"
  • "Looking Back"
  • "Always a Teacher"
  • "What AAE has Meant to Me: A Different Perspective"
  • "Mental Health During the Holidays"
  • "Back-to-School Shouldn't Mean Back-to-Normal"
  • "Thankfulness in 2020"
  • "The Impact of an AAEF Scholarship during COVID-19"
  • "Teaching Civically Engaged Students"


Education Matters
September/October 2020

Feature Articles:

  • "What does learning look like this school year?"
  • "AAEF COVID-19 Relief Program Winners"
  • "The Education Policy Landscape - 2020"
  • "Twenty-Five Years of Serving Educators"
  • "What Has Changed in the Classroom in 25 Years and What Has Stayed the Same?"
  • "Member Memories"
  • "Advocacy, Action, and Engagement"
  • "What You Need to Know about Masks in the Workplace"
  • "What We Know about Students and COVID-19"


Education Matters
July/August 2020

Feature Articles:

  • "What Educators Need to Go Back to School"
  • "Why Membership Is More Important Than Ever: Protection, Professionalism, and Support"
  • "Summer Reading Recommendations: Focus on SEL"
  • "Advocacy Update"
  • "Your Rights in a Changing Workplace"
  • "What We Know about Online Learning"
  • "AAE Foundation COVID-19 Relief Program Winners"
  • "7 Steps to Sending Kids Back to Elementary School and Parents Back to Work"


Education Matters
May/June 2020

Feature Articles:

  • "Schools Are Improvising, Innovating, and Scaling Good Ideas"
  • "Member Reflections - From Preparedness to the New Normal"
  • "Educators Speak - Survey Analysis"
  • "Summer Resources"
  • "Privacy and Online Learning"
  • "The Seedy Side of Supplementals"
  • "AAEF Scholarship Winner Takes Students to the Skies by 'Chair Flying'"
  • "Why America's Schools Should Stay Open This Summer"


Education Matters
March/April 2020

Feature Articles:

  • "Growth Mindset in Action"
  • "National School Choice Week 2020"
  • "#Loveteaching Week"
  • "Meet the 2020-2021 Advocacy Fellows"
  • "The Legal Help and Support You Need"
  • "Students Harness the Wind with an AAEF Grant"


Education Matters
January/February 2020

Feature Articles:

  • "Why I Love My School"
  • "Members and Educators Nationwide Weigh in on School Choice Issues"
  • "What Is Your School Choice Roadmap?"
  • "Educators Continue to Amaze Us"
  • "The Lowdown on Direct Instruction"
  • "Advocating for School Choice"
  • "Students Enter the World of Podcasting with AAEF Grant"


Education Matters
November/December 2019

Feature Articles:

  • "Thankful for the Power of All of Us"
  • "Thankful for the Educators Who Shaped Us"
  • "AAE and Our Members Giving Back"
  • "The Real Miss Virginia"
  • "The Incredible Benefits of Letting Students Drive Their Own Learning"


Education Matters
September/October 2019

Feature Articles:

  • "Learning How to Scaffold Student Choice"
  • "AAE Advocacy Fellows Visit the Capitol"
  • "Who are the Change-Makers?"
  • "Being the Change We Want to See"
  • "How My Family Saves $700 per Year with AAE's Abenity Program"


Education Matters
Back-to-School 2019

Feature Articles:

  • "What Makes a Good School Culture?"
  • "AAE Member Survey Results"
  • "Top 5 Things AAE Member Leaders Do to Supoort YOU!"
  • "The Opportunity Myth"
  • "Icebreakers and Other Ways to Make Connections with Your Students"


Education Matters
Summer 2019

Feature Articles:

  • "Deconstructing Teacher Turnover"
  • "AAE Foundation's Letter on Teacher Diversity"
  • "We Need More Teachers of Color"
  • "The Knowledge Keeper"
  • "Educator's Summer Reading List"
  • "How Much Do Rising Test Scores Tell Us about a School"


Education Matters
Mar/Apr 2019

Feature Articles:

  • "Being Wrong Has Made Me a Better Teacher"
  • "Member Survey: Education Research and Resources"
  • "Announcing AAE's Declaration of Education Association Rights (DEAR Rights)"
  • "Legal Corner: Will Your New Year's Resolutions Bloom?"
  • "Here’s Why I Became a Teacher and How One Philadelphia Summer School Student Became My Inspiration"
  • "Meet the AAE 2019 Advocacy Fellows"


Education Matters
Jan/Feb 2019

Feature Articles:

  • "There’s More Support for School Choice"
  • "Greeting the New Year with a Leadership Transition"
  • "Help Students Meet Their Goals This Year"
  • "Why Are We Still Teaching Reading the Wrong Way?"
  • "Taking Care of You Is Not Optional"
  • "Positively Viral: How #LoveTeaching Week Started"


Education Matters
Nov/Dec 2018

Feature Articles:

  • "Finding Thankfulness in So Many Ways"
  • "A Commitment to 'Teach Them All'"
  • "2018 National Survey Preview - The Big Picture"
  • "Building Effective Partnerships Between Pull-Out ELL Teachers and Classroom Teachers"


Education Matters
Sep/Oct 2018

Feature Articles:

  • "The Power of Sharing Your Story with Students"
  • "Mind Your Management: Who's Excited to Come to Class?"
  • "After Janus, Will We See the Teachers Union of Tomorrow?"
  • "Why Don't Districts Do the Easy Things to Improve Student Learning?"


Education Matters
Jul/Aug 2018

Feature Articles:

  • "The Advantages of Being a New Teacher"
  • "Sketching a Win-Win Solution on Teacher Pay"
  • "Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Instruction: Call to Action for Schools"
  • "Teachers Kept Quitting this Indianapolis School. Here's How the Principal Got Them to Stay"
  • "Funding Your Classroom with Grants"


Education Matters
May/Jun 2018

Feature Articles:

  • "Janus, Yohn and the Battle for Teacher Freedom"
  • "AAE at the Supreme Court: Janus v. AFSCME Oral Argument Day"
  • "The 'Oscar Winners' of Teaching Share Their Secrets for Success"
  • "Rethinking Grade levels and School Design for Personalized Learning"


Education Matters
Mar/Apr 2018

Feature Articles:

  • "This Is Why I #Loveteaching"
  • "Five Must-Have Classroom Management Apps, Tools, and Resources"
  • "Ability Grouping and Acceleration Can Help Teachers and School Leaders"
  • "The Rise of Tax Credits: How Arizona Created an Alternative to School Vouchers--and Why They're Spreading"


Education Matters
Jan/Feb 2018

Feature Articles:

  • "12 Important Education Story Lines We'll All Be Reading About in 2018"
  • "Three Ways Charters Reform and Improve Our Schools"
  • "The Six Habits of Highly Grateful People"


Education Matters
Nov/Dec 2017

Feature Articles:

  • "How Technology Is Transforming the Way We Teach and Learn"
  • "We Need to Change the Teacher vs. Technology Narrative"
  • "Ready for Kindergarten? Here Are the Apps That Can Help Make the Difference"


Education Matters
Sep/Oct 2017

Feature Articles:

  • "Three Years Is Not Enough...Even for the Denver Broncos"
  • "Teaching Core Values"
  • "Mindfulness in the Classroom"


Education Matters
Jul/Aug 2017

Feature Articles:

  • "Teacher Shortage Crisis? UW Researcher Says It's Not That Simple and Offers some Fixes"
  • "Schools Should Tell Parents Whether Their Middle Schoolers Are On Track for College"
  • "Back to School: Preparing for Day One"


Education Matters
May/June 2017

Feature Articles:

  • "Putting the Evidence Cart Before the School Choice Horse"
  • "Anatomy of School Bullying"
  • "The Ghost of Teacher Shortages Past"


Education Matters
March/April 2017

Feature Articles:

  • "The Innovation Infatuation"
  • "Making A Difference Matters"
  • "My Day: Career and Technical Education"


Education Matters
January/February 2017

Feature Articles:

  • "A Teacher Who Approves of School Choice?"
  • "New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers"
  • "A Letter from the Executive Editor"


Education Matters
November/December 2016

Feature Articles:

  • "Overhauling Special Education: A Futile Hope?"
  • "Member Spotlight: Thelma and Louise Head to Nashville"
  • "What Makes a Great Science Teacher?"


Education Matters
October 2016

Feature Articles:

  • "New Study: Teacher Prep Programs Fail to Prepare Future Preschool Teachers in Essential Classroom Skills"
  • "AAE’s Legal Corner: Bullying in the Workplace"
  • "Member Perspective: Bigger & Better"


Education Matters
September 2016

Feature Articles:

  • "AAE Welcomes New Advisory Board Members"
  • "No Teachers Union in Clovis"
  • "Organization Hacks that Triumph Over Classroom Clutter"


Education Matters
July/August 2016

Feature Articles:

  • "Let Teachers Design Better Ways to Use School Time"
  • "Can Growth Mindset Theory Reshape the Classroom?"
  • "A Quarter-Life Crisis for Public Charter Schools?"


Education Matters
June 2016

Feature Articles:

  • "Five Habits That Lead to Ineffective Teaching - and How to Fix Them"
  • "Member Spotlight: A Tale of AAE-NWPE Member Dr. Angie Dorman & Friendship of Epic Proportions"
  • "End of the Year Wisdom: 12 Inconvenient Truths That Smart People Easily Forget"


Education Matters
May 2016

Feature Articles:

  • "The Importance of Revised Teacher Preparation Programs"
  • "Education for Upward Mobility"
  • "6 Exciting AR Apps for Student Learning"


Education Matters
April 2016

Feature Articles:

  • "7 Ways to Improve Professional Learning in the 21st Century"
  • "AAE-PACE Board Member
    Takes You Behind the Scenes
    of Sacred Elephants: The
    Catastrophic Crisis in Education"
  • "Member Submission: Literacy by the Numbers"


Education Matters
March 2016

Feature Articles:

  • "2016 AAE National Membership Survey: Professional Educators Embrace Solutions"
  • "The Three Key Mistakes Teacher-Leaders Make"
  • "Thank you for Making National School Choice Week 2016 a HUGE Success"


Education Matters
February 2016

Feature Articles:

  • "Making Teaching Cool Again: How Schools Must Adapt to Recruit Millennial Talent"
  • "7 Critical Reasons Teachers Use AAE Legal Services"
  • "Up Close and Personal at the Friedrichs vs. CTA U.S. Supreme Court Rally"


Education Matters
January 2016

Feature Articles:

  • "School Choice Is Good for Teachers, Too"
  • "5 Resolutions To Modernize Your Teaching"
  • "Another AAE Member Caught in the Act Doing Amazing Work in the Classroom: Meet Arthur Brood"


Education Matters
December 2015

Feature Articles:

  • "The Hard Truth About Licensure Reciprocity: One AAE Teacher’s Story"
  • "AAE Is Proud of Our 42 Members
    at Kennesaw Charter Academy
    Who Are Living the DREAM"
  • "8 Things Every Teacher Can Do
    to Create an Innovative Classroom"


Education Matters
November 2015

Feature Articles:

  • "The Digital Learning Plan Every Educator Should Read"
  • "Teachers Aren't Dumb"
  • "AAE and Vergara: A Call for AAE Members to Be a Voice in the Movement"


Education Matters
October 2015

Feature Articles:

  • "End the History Wars"
  • "2015 EdNext Poll on School Reform"
  • "Friedrichs Plaintiff & AAE Member Karen Cuen Updates Members on Supreme Court Case"


Education Matters
September 2015

Feature Articles:

  • "A Pause in the History Wars"
  • "AAE Legal Services: A Q&A with Sharon Nelson, Esq."
  • "Recognizing Outstanding Kansas-AAE Member Dan Whisler"


Education Matters
August 2015

Feature Articles:

  • "Millenial Teachers Choose AAE This Back-to-School Season: Words of Wisdom from an AAE Millenial"
  • "Comparing Notes: An Infograph Explaining Why Teachers Choose the AAE Way"
  • "Get Involved: A Back-to-School Message from AAE's Membership Team Director"


Education Matters
July 2015

Feature Articles:

  • "N.J. Charter Schools Beneficial for Teachers and Students Alike"
  • "AAE Member Submission: 5+1 FREE Websites/Apps Every Teacher Should Know About"
  • "Union Attacks School Board Member for Sharing AAE"


Education Matters
June 2015

Feature Articles:

  • "Teacher Turnover Turned Over"
  • "Voices from the Classroom: Why This Student Loves Her Charter School"
  • "AAE Signs On as Friend of the Court in Landmark Supreme Court Case"


Education Matters
May 2015

Feature Articles:

  • "What You Didn't Know About Teacher Appreciation Week History"
  • "Join AAE in Celebrating National Charter Schools Week"
  • "You Spoke. We Listened. AAE Launches New Jobs Bank Online"


Education Matters
April 2015

Feature Articles:

  • "Why Schools Need More 'Hybrid' Teaching Roles"
  • "Wisconsin Becomes 25th Right-to-Work State"
  • "Spring is for 'Hands-In-The-Dirt' Learning"


Education Matters
March 2015

Feature Articles:

  • "Lawmakers Look to Revamp No Child Left Behind"
  • "Celebrate Open Education Week with AAE"
  • "Is Your School Prepared to Handle Life-Threatening Allergic Reactions?"


Education Matters
February 2015

Feature Articles:

  • "Release of 2015 National Survey Results"
  • "A Big Thanks to AAE Charter Members"
  • "Congrats to our Scholarship & Grant Winners"


Education Matters
January 2015

Feature Articles:

  • "Teacher Voices: Why I Chose a Charter School"
  • "About National School Choice Week"
  • "Study Spotlight: School Choice Raises Demand for Teachers with Select Characteristics"


Education Matters

Feature Articles:

  • "Thank You From AAE"
  • "Take a Walk Down Memory Lane with AAE"
  • "AAE's Impact: A Look From the Field"


Education Matters
October 2014

Feature Articles:

  • "Try It Again Uncle Sam"
  • "7 Foundational Skills to Writing Mastery"
  • "Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere: Lesson Plan Ideas for all Subjects"


Education Matters
September 2014

Feature Articles:

  • "Shortchanged: The Cost of Great Teaching"
  • "Charter School Spotlight: Bruce Guadaloupe Community School"
  • "How does 3-D printing impact classroom practices and student learning"


Education Matters
August 2014

Feature Articles:

  • "Web Tools for CCSS"
  • "Getting Involved with AAE"
  • "5 Major Classroom Mistakes to Avoid this Season"


Education Matters
July 2014

Feature Articles:

  • "Opportunity Culture Models"
  • "In Jest: The 'Social Justice' Math Equation"
  • "Summer Reading List"


Education Matters
June 2014

Feature Articles:

  • "Vermont Program Turns Professionals Into Teachers"
  • "Perspectives from a Retired Math Teacher"
  • "Survey: More Educators Think "Just the Right Amount" of Time is Spent on Testing"


Education Matters
May 2014

Feature Articles:

  • "Right Sizing"
  • "Career Path High Provides Innovative Education Model"
  • "AAE Introduces New Discount Program for Members"


Education Matters
April 2014

Feature Articles:

  • "Legal Protection- Worth Its Weight in Gold"
  • "School Choice in Action: Wisconsin"
  • "AAE Partners With Eight Universities"


Education Matters
March 2014

Feature Articles:

  • "For Teachers, Wired Classrooms Pose New Management Concerns"
  • "Changes In Our Math Students Progressing Through the Common Core Math"
  • "10 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Spring Break"


Education Matters
February 2014: Annual Membership Survey Edition

Feature Articles:

  • "Teachers Speak Out: 2014 Annual Membership Survey"
  • "Scholarships and Grants"
  • "Indiana Career Academy Charter School Takes Innovative Approach to Education"


Education Matters
January 2014: School Choice Edition

Feature Articles:

  • "Inside the Nation's Biggest Experiment in School Choice"
  • "AAE Signs onto National School Choice Week 2014"
  • "Q&A with AAE Member on School Choice"


Education Matters
December 2013: Common Core Edition

Feature Articles:

  • "The Fordham Foundation's Case for the Common Core Standards"
  • "Another View from the Education Actions Group: Common Core is Wrong for America?"
  • "Fact-checking Attacks on the Common Core Standards"


Education Matters
November 2013

Feature Articles:

  • "Teacher Pay and Master's Degrees"
  • "The State of Teacher Retention in Urban Schools"
  • "Arkansas Member Reflects on Tenure As Current Teacher of the Year"


Education Matters
October 2013

Feature Articles:

  • "What Parents Want: Education Preferences and Trade-Offs"
  • "Visual Literacy in Japanese (and American?) Classrooms"
  • "Idaho Member Wins Award for Stem Teaching"


Education Matters
September 2013

Feature Articles:

  • "Tougher Requirements Ahead for Teacher Prep"
  • "How (and Why) to Flip Your Classroom"
  • "AAE Members Reach New Heights"


Education Matters
August 2013

Feature Articles:

  • "Solving the PD Puzzle"
  • "10 Back-to-School Tips"
  • "Getting Involved With AAE in the New School Year"


Education Matters
July 2013

Feature Articles:

  • "Digital Trends Shifting the Role of Teachers"
  • "Top Ten Summer Reads"
  • "Report: Practice Makes Perfect"


Education Matters
June 2013

Feature Articles:

  • "Why School Culture Matters, and How to Improve It"
  • "How Blended Learning Saved My Teaching Career"
  • "Leslie Dodge Wins 9Teachers Who Care Award"


Education Matters
May 2013

Feature Articles:

  • "Happy Teachers: Resolve to Find Joy"
  • "Professional Development: It's Not All Workshops and Conferences"
  • "Member Mention: Tracie Happel Appointed Commissioner"


Education Matters
April 2013

Feature Articles:

  • "Character Education"
  • "Top Ten Teacher Discounts"
  • "Transforming Technology in the Digital Age"


Education Matters
March 2013

Feature Articles:

  • "International Case Study: Real Lessons from Finland"
  • "Ten Things You Should Know About Union Membership Numbers"
  • "Music Teacher Resources"


Education Matters
February 2013

Feature Articles:

  • "2013 AAE Membership Survey"
  • "AAE Foundation Awards Charter Student Group Service Project Award"
  • "Members Nationwide Receive Scholarships & Grants"
and more, including an article on New Year's Resolutions!


Education Matters
January 2013

Feature Articles:

  • "The Future of School Choice"
  • "Celebrate Teachers, Celebrate Choice"
  • "Reading List: School Choice"
and more, including an article on New Year's Resolutions!


Education Matters
December 2012

Feature Articles:

  • "MI Educators Declare Independence From Union"
  • "Teachers Fall Victim to Cyberbullying"
  • "Reading Lists: Great Reads for the Holiday Break"
and more, including an article on inspiring reading motivation.


Education Matters
November 2012

Feature Articles:

  • "Boosting the Quality and Efficiency of Special Education"
  • "The Constitution Reader"
  • "Purposeful Learning with Modern Technologies"
and more, including information about teacher dress codes.


Education Matters
October 2012

Feature Articles:

  • "New Poll Shows Nation Divided over Public Education"
  • "Positive Phone Calls Home"
  • "AAE Code of Ethics"
and more, including information about teacher dress codes.


Education Matters
September 2012

Feature Articles:

  • "Transformations"
  • "AAE Legal Services"
  • "Withitness: Being Aware of
    What’s Going on in the Classroom"
and more, including AAE Foundation scholarship and grant news.


Education Matters
August 2012

Feature Articles:

  • "Getting Involved with AAE"
  • "Staying Healthy in the New School Year"
  • "Getting More out Your Teacher Evaluations"
and more, including tips for new teachers.


Education Matters
June/July 2012

Feature Articles:

  • "CA Teachers Declare Independence from Union"
  • "The Flipped Classroom"
  • "The Professional Educator Resume"
and more, including an introduction to the new AAE Charters School Website.


Education Matters
May 2012

Feature Articles:

  • "The Politics of Education"
  • "Public School Class Size"
  • "Dealing with Bossy Students"
and more, including tips on developing relationships with parents.


Education Matters
April 2012

Feature Articles:

  • "Liberal Arts vs. Technical Training"
  • "New iPad App for Educators"
  • "The Decline of Text Books"
and more, including education news from Washington, D.C..


Education Matters
March 2012

Feature Articles:

  • "Under the Microscope: Science Standards"
  • "Class Size"
  • "Teacher's Choice"
and more, including education news from Washington, D.C..


Education Matters
February 2012

Feature Articles:

  • "Teacher Burnout"
  • "Parents Who Litigate"
  • "A Plan for Technology Professional Development"
and more, including tips on where to apply for grants.


Education Matters
January 2012

Feature Articles:

  • "School Violence: What Teachers Must Know"
  • "Laying the Foundation"
  • "The Status of Charter School Unionization"
and more, including a member-submitted article about the downsides of technology.


Education Matters
December 2011

Feature Articles:

  • "Becoming an Engaging Teacher"
  • "The Phantom Teacher"
  • "Why Digital Learning will Liberate Teachers"
and more, including an update on federal education policy.


Education Matters
November 2011

Feature Articles:

  • "You Speak Out"
  • "Best Practices Weekly"
  • "Choosing the Right Door to Education Reform"


Education Matters
October 2011

Feature Articles:

  • "The Big Shift"
  • "Protecting Your Career"
  • "Professional Tools You Might Have Overlooked"


Education Matters
September 2011

Feature Articles:

  • "Lights, Camera, Action"
  • "AAEF Scholarships & Grants"
  • "Teaching in a Tech Driven World"


Education Matters
August 2011

Feature Articles:

  • "Attracting New Teachers"
  • "Back to School, Get Involved"
  • "The Next Innovation"


Education Matters
July 2011

Feature Articles:

  • "The Hope and Promise of Charter Schools"
  • "natives and Pioneers: Digital Education"
  • "Secretary Duncan's Call to Action on NCLB"


Education Matters
June 2011

Feature Articles:

  • "Who Deserves Tenure?"
  • "Why I Oppose National Standards"
  • "Do the Right Thing"
and more, including an article about the federal education policy.


Education Matters
May 2011

Feature Articles:

  • "Balancing Act"
  • "The 'Netflix' Model to Improve Literacy"
  • "The Folly of Team Projects"
and more, including an article about the federal education policy.


Education Matters
April 2011

Feature Articles:

  • "Doing the Right Thing"
  • "Debunking Myths about Online-Learning Teachers"
  • "Union Legislation Spreads across the U.S."
and more, including an article about the dangers of texting for teachers.


Education Matters
March 2011

Feature Articles:

  • "The Teachers Factor"
  • "Blueprint for Change"
  • "Winning Big in the Classroom"
and more, including an article about the dangers of texting for teachers.


Education Matters
February 2011

Feature Articles:

  • "Teachers: Whatever it Takes?"
  • "Educators: Know Your Role"
  • "The Case for Handwriting"


Education Matters
December 2010, January 2011

Feature Articles:

  • "Handling Bully Behavior"
  • "There is No 'War on Teachers'"
  • "Cheaters Welcome?"
and more, including an article about one CA teacher's educational rock band.


Education Matters
November 2010

Feature Articles:

  • "Teacher Assessment"
  • "Our Economics
    Knowledge Deficit"
  • "The All-Purpose Science Teacher'"
and more, including an article about Christmas in the classroom.


Education Matters
October 2010

Feature Articles:

  • "Lessons from the Frontlines of the Charter School Movement"
  • "Procedures in the Classroom"
  • "Waiting for 'Superman'"
and more, including an interview with Louisiana's 2010 Teacher of the Year

Education Matters
September 2010

Feature Articles:

and more, including iLearning.

Education Matters
July/August 2010

Feature Articles:

  • "Differentiated Instruction: Responding to each student’s learning needs"
  • "Who is the Real Marc Tucker: Visionary or Baloney Maker?"
  • "Returning to School: Are You Ready?"
and more, including The Edutainer.

Education Matters
June 2010

Feature Articles:

and more, including ESEA Reauthorization and Literary Kudzu.

Education Matters
May 2010

Feature Articles:

and more, including Rachel's Challenge and

Education Matters
April 2010

Feature Articles:

  • "Teaching as Leadership"
  • "Special-Need Scholarships Save Money"
  • "Tomorrow's Inventors and Innovators"
and more, including "Public Education Quotes of the Decade."

Education Matters
March 2010

Feature Articles:

and more, including history class and NCLB II.

Education Matters
January/February 2010

Feature Articles:

and more, including a discussion about the seniority policy.

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