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Member Testimonials

"This is what I've been waiting for! AAE is a positive voice for all of us who still see teaching as one of the highest callings."

Guy Doud, 1986 National Teacher of the Year


"AAE is reasoned, balanced, and classroom-oriented, leaving politics to political entities. Educators can find common ground in AAE with its focus on building knowledge and character in America's youth. "

Dr. Lewis Hodge, former Professor of Education, University of Tennessee

"A well known law is, 'you reap what you sow.' It is time for a change! It is time for a change in leadership. It is time for the AAE!"

Gene Bedley, 1986 PTA National Educator of the Year

"I finally found an education association I'm proud to be a part of. But I also save over $400 every year from what I paid in union dues by joining AAE. Plus I get great insurance and legal protection! Membership in this organization just makes good economic sense."

Sandra Lastra, 1995 Outstanding New Mexico Teacher of the Year


"I was absolutely ecstatic to discover a non-union organization that met my needs as a professional without compromising my rights as an individual. Thank you AAE!"

DeLaina Tonks, Open High School of Utah, 2011 AAEF Scholarship & Grant Winner

"I spent years searching for an organization that was right for me as a charter school educator. I was thrilled to find AAE, a professional association offering me the benefits I needed without the politics I didn't."

DeeEtte Naukana, Mavericks in Education of South Florida

Praise for AAE Legal Services
"I can't thank you enough for all your help! It is so good to have someone outside of the 'inner circle' to give input and advice. I so appreciate your promptness and your professionalism." -AAE Member, ID

"The AAE legal services department was very personable and helped calm my fears. Thanks for your help, AAE!" –AAE Member, Dawsonville, GA

"Just being able to talk to someone who clearly stated my rights and suggested actions that would protect me was so reassuring and encouraging." –AAE Member, South Bend, IN

"Being able to talk with AAE staff during this difficult time was so comforting. Thank you again for supporting me. I am SO GLAD I joined AAE!" –AAE Member

Attention AAE Members
Let us know why you joined AAE and what AAE membership means for you and your students—email us at .