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Association of American Educators - Wisconsin

Welcome to AAE's Wisconsin Corner!

This page is for all Wisconsin educators, members and non-members alike, seeking information about AAE's Wisconsin-based activities and membership.


Please explore the resources on this page for more information. We are confident that after examining AAE's offerings you will want to join and share AAE with your colleagues.

Wisconsin State Resources & News

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Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Website

A New Voice for Wisconsin Educators

"I'm so happy to be a part of your organization! After years of forced unionism, I now have a choice. I choose AAE!
Amy Rosno, WI teacher and AAE member


Following the recall election solidifying teacher freedoms in the state, educators have the right to resign their union membership and will not be forced to pay agency fees as a condition of employment. While teachers may exercise their rights freely to choose membership in an association, teachers should remember that one should not be without professional benefits like liability insurance. AAE is an alternative to the union that provides many of the same benefits, but at a fraction of the cost.


Why AAE?

"To belong to an educational organization that provides liability insurance and professional support that is aligned with my personal values."
-Ann Brumley, WI teacher and AAE member

Please browse the resources on this page. If you like what AAE has to offer, join today!

AAE - Wisconsin
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