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Kimie Snapp Promotes the Arts with AAEF Grant
posted by: Melissa | February 28, 2014, 08:11 PM   

Every fall and spring, we’re honored to award grants to teachers around the country.  When we select which grants to award, one of the deliverables we consider is how great the need is.  It’s no secret that funding for the arts in public schools has been disappearing as budgets remain stagnant.  That’s why we were so pleased to be able to offer a grant to Kimie Snapp.

Ms. Snapp is a dance teacher at a public charter school in Utah, who was preparing a performance for an upcoming school concert.  The performance combined dance with academic content.  Students researched important events in American history and then created dances to portray them.

Only one thing was lacking in allowing the student’s to bring their vision to life – they lacked costumes.  Ms. Snapp applied for an AAEF Classroom Grant in order to pay for costumes and was awarded funding to outfit her students.

“The students feel important when they are able to wear costumes that look nice,” Ms. Snapp said.    “With the low funding our department has had they often end up wearing whatever we can scrape together.”charitySG

With the help of AAEF funds, students not only performed their pieces at the school, but also at festivals in their community and around their state.

Our AAEF Classroom Grants and Teacher Scholarships are open to educators in all subjects, grade levels, and teaching environments.  They are easy to apply for and applications can be submitted online.  Our next deadline is March 1st, 2014! Apply TODAY!

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