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Obama Reauthorization Blueprint for NCLB
posted by: Colin | March 22, 2010, 02:29 PM   

Last week the Obama administration released a reauthorization blueprint for the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, designed to advise lawmakers on reauthorization of his predecessor's signature education accomplishment: No Child Left Behind. Overdue for reauthorization since 2007, NCLB reform would fulfill a campaign promise and might offer an opportunity for bipartisanship after a grueling party-line health care reform battle.

Nearly everyone expects President Obama to rename the embattled 2001 federal policy, but what the new name will be is uncertain. What is included in the blueprint are a number of major changes. The Christian Science Monitor lists five key changes:

1) The goal of student proficiency in reading and math by 2014 would change to a standard of “college and career readiness” for students by 2020.

2) Although reading and math tests would remain in the administration’s proposal, schools could also include student performance in other subjects as part of overall measurements of progress.

3) Evaluations of schools would shift, being less punitive and offering more rewards.

4) More federal funding would be switched from formula-based allocations to competitive grants.

5) Schools that miss certain targets would not be required by the federal government to provide students with tutoring or with the option to transfer.

For more coverage:

AAE members are surveyed on education issues as a benefit of membership and in the coming weeks AAE will conduct an in-depth survey on the NCLB reauthorization. Stay tuned.

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written by Donna Lee, via Facebook, April 14, 2010

Or don't even READ the reading and comprehension test. They admitted they just filled in bubbles and our school got on a watch list because we were 1 over the top. We know for a fact that four 6th grade girls did not read the test. Also, we may be testing them to death. We have had 3 standardized tests a year in the past!
written by Bob, via Facebook, April 14, 2010

Sure hope that standardized test scores are made permanent part of student records. How many kids in California laugh at our standardized tests while they're bubbling them in?

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