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Black Friday: 10 Best Classroom Games & Toys
posted by: Melissa | November 25, 2014, 09:16 PM   


Play has long been seen as an essential part of learning.  Playing a board game or playing with a toy can help a student master a concept, increase critical thinking skills, or discover something new about the world around them.  Keeping your students in mind this weekend, consider picking up something playful for your own classroom.


Below are our suggestions of the ten best classroom toys and games, covering every age group and subject area:



Price: $15

Grades: 1 - 12    

Subject: English

Bananagrams is considered an instant classic!  This twist on Scrabble is fast moving enough to keep the easily distracted involved. It also encourages quick wits and language development.  The game is also simple and flexible enough that it adapts to any age group.  Variations exist for on their website for Spanish classes and those working with pre-readers.



222._SetPrice: $13

Grades: All         

Subject: Math

By this point, SET is listed among the classics.  This pattern finding game helps students recognize patterns and shapes.  It’s flexible enough for all ages, yet challenging enough that even adults will want to play.  There is a SET Jr. option for younger age groups and SET DICE, which also adds some variety.


Snap Circuits

333._Snap_Circuits Price: $35

Grades: 3 – 8     

Subject: Science

Snap Circuits introduces electronics in an easy and fun way.  Students can complete projects on their own by following the instruction booklet and teach themselves about science.  It’s a great way to make the subject accessible to even the most reluctant learners.


333._Turtles.jpgRobot Turtles

Price: $25

Grades: PreK – 3              

Subject: Computer Science

Computer Science and programming skills are becoming necessities.  This board game teaches those fundamental skills to students who haven’t even learned to read yet.  The game comes with several levels of play and encourages cooperation, not competition, allowing for replay as students learn and grow.



Price: $15

Grades: 6 – 12  

Subject: Social Studies

Timeline is a simple little game that will keep everyone guessing while also testing a student’s knowledge of history.  Students work together to build a timeline of major inventions and events by placing cards in the order they think they go in.  Expansions are available that focus on different eras or types of events.



Price: $20

Grades: 6 – 10  

Subject: Math

This 3D puzzle will challenge any student’s spatial reasoning and problem solving ability.  Start by placing the twelve yellow number buttons randomly around the ball in any order you wish - it doesn't matter, it'll always be solvable. Then, begin arranging each of the triangle pieces onto the ball so that the number of black dots surrounding each yellow piece collectively add up to match it. For example: The numeral 9 is surrounded by 9 black dots.  Place all twenty triangles onto the ball correctly, and you'll prove yourself a genius.  Then, take on another challenge. Take it apart and try it again!

666._Magnetic_PoetryMagnetic Poetry Kit: Genius

Price: $12

Grades: 7 – 10  

Subject: English – Language Arts

Magnetic Poetry increases both vocabulary knowledge and sentence structure.  It encourages both word play in meaning and creativity.  It will spark and deepen an interest in language and help students discover new ways to express themselves.



Price: $50

Grades: 1 – 3     

Subject: Art, Math

Fractiles is an award winning magnetic tiling toy that allows students to create a variety of beautiful designs.  Students can create pictures, 3D images, and geometric designs.  It’s easy and creative and certain to bring out the artist in your students.



Price: $25

Grades: 1 – 4     

Subject: Science

Encourage a tinkering atmosphere in your classroom with these colorful blocks.  These stacking blocks are uniquely shaped so that students can create their own marble towers.  Nearly any shape is possible and experimentation is encouraged, leading to a greater understanding of physics.


999._uKloouKloo Treasure Hunt

Price: $20

Grades: PreK – 2              

Subject: English-Language Arts

This is a reading lesson designed asf a treasure hunt.  Students build literacy as they read clues and hunt for a hidden surprise.  This is the perfect game for beginning readers, reluctant readers, and students with learning disabilities.



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written by Jon-San Diego, December 02, 2014

Nice products. Perhaps consider SNAPO, an educational toy building block that connects on all sides for three-dimensional play. Made in USA. Stimulates creativity and other higher cognitive functions including fine motor skills.
Wonderful resources for children
written by Leah Davies, November 29, 2014

I am most familiar with Bananagrams, which is a fantastic learning game, but they all look like they would be fun and educational!

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