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Find Free PD at the Friday Institute
posted by: Melissa | January 14, 2016, 11:03 PM   


MOOCs have been a way for teachers to sharpen and hone their skills for several years now. Despite their popularity, anyone who has wandered into the world of online education can tell you that not all courses are created equal.  Some online courses, just like some in-person workshops, rely too much on videos or lecture.  Perhaps they have the learner go through a series of slides without ever really digging deep into the knowledge in question.  So when a good course comes along, it makes sense to make sure that AAE members know about it.


Enter MOOC-Ed.  MOOC-Ed is a project of the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at North Carolina State College of Education.  Its developers, Glenn Kleiman and Mary Ann Wolf are both long time leaders in education and teacher training and they worked with a team of experts to create these courses.  The courses are all heavily based in research about teaching methods and how to provide engaging online courses that are specifically aimed at practicing teachers.


The courses also rely heavily on crowd sourcing.  In their background documents, the course creators acknowledge that education is as much an art as it is a science and when classroom interactions can be subtle in their differences and when teachers have a variety of approaches, there is often no one right way to do something.  For this reason, each of the courses allows teachers to share heavily with their classmates and to learn from each other.


Courses start this February and include:

  • Coaching Digital Learning
  • Teaching Statistics Through Data Investigations
  • Fraction Foundations
  • Disciplinary Literacy for Deeper Learning


For more information, you can go to MOOC-Ed’s page on the NC State website, where you can also register and research past courses.


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