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Update: Massachusetts Legislature Passes Measure to Save Retired Marine's Teaching Position
posted by: Colin | June 16, 2010, 02:11 PM   

Earlier this week the Massachusetts legislature approved an amendment to save retired USMC Maj. Stephen Godin's job. The measure, which had been defeated by Democrats the week before, exempts public school JROTC teachers, like Maj. Godin, from having to pay union dues.

Maj. Godin has refused to pay dues because his salary and benefits come primarily from the military and he is exempt from the union-negotiated contract. He had until yesterday to pay his dues or he'd be fired.

(Read more about Maj. Godin's battle with the union from an earlier AAE blog post: Retired Marine Under Attack for not Joining Teachers Union)

Governor Deval Patrick is expected to sign the bill to which this amendment is attached.

Should Maj. Godin have to pay dues?
Should this have had to go all the way to the state legislature for resolution?

Comment below.

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Senior Army Instructor, George Washington HS
written by John C. Russell LTC, USA (Ret) Denver, CO, June 16, 2010

Thanks to the people of Massachusetts for supporting MAJ Godin. We JROTC instructors do indeed work in a strange midle ground. Many of my colleagues are union members, while detesting having to pay dues (thus 97% Democrat Party political contributions) to the NEA. I might join if I had control over my dues! But instead I found PACE!
written by Cindy Omlin, June 16, 2010

Major Godin should not have to pay dues. I encourage the legislature to not only exempt him from forced dues, but to exempt all teachers from forced dues. History shows that unless union dues are voluntary, unions lose their focus and become just one more institution of exploitation. A union, Solidarity, helped bring down tyranny in Poland. They didn't do that through forced dues but through zeal for justice.

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