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One Utah School Ahead of the Digital Learning Pack
posted by: Alix | December 02, 2010, 04:44 PM   

In recent years, reformers and policy makers have stressed the need for incorporating technology in education. New technologies have revolutionized how we live our lives from shopping to business; why not incorporate them into the classroom? In November, the Department of Education released a technology plan through their Office of Educational Technology entitled, Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology. In presenting the plan to the public, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has recognized one digital school in particular as a model for others to follow, Open High School in Utah.

Duncan recognizes that updating a century old education system to incorporate new technologies is no easy task; however, he pointed to digital learning and online schools like Open High School as successful models. "The Open High School in Utah is offering students the chance to be learners anywhere and at anytime. Through the school, students are learning online through next-generation learning technology and one-on-one tutoring. Learning opportunities are accessible every day, 24/7," said Duncan.

The environment of this online, "open" public charter school is innovative for teachers and students alike. The students study as their schedules allow. They advance as quickly as they want to and are able to and they have access to advanced placement exams. Teachers give extra time to students who need it and challenge the students who are moving ahead. This individual attention and personalized instruction is proving to work for both students and faculty.

Not only can digital learning create an environment to cater to students and provide a flexible schedule for teachers, digital learning can also be the catalyst for transformational change in education. It is a tool that can be the answer to classic problems faced by school systems every day. Technology can connect rural areas, lessen the burden of harsh winters, and provide a constant access to information where ever a student or teachers goes.

Congratulations to the Open High School of Utah for their innovations. They are a nationwide example of what education can become with the use of technology.

As an educator, what are your thoughts on this type of school? Would the flexibility work for you?
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