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Helpful Links for Math Teachers
posted by: Alix | March 15, 2012, 09:47 PM   

As we highlighted recently on the AAE blog, video clips and online resources are changing the face of education, particularly mathematics instruction. While states and districts struggle to keep up with new and emerging technologies, teachers can keep up-to-date with the help of some great online tools.

Currently, there are thousands of websites devoted to engaging students in math concepts. While the sheer number can be overwhelming, many are helpful in assisting math teachers create interactive and engaging lesson plans. Take a moment to review a few popular online tools and websites:

AAA Math: AAA Math features a comprehensive set of interactive lessons and worksheets. Unlimited practice is available on each topic which allows thorough mastery of varied concepts. A wide range of lessons (Kindergarten through Eighth grade level) enables learning or review to occur at each individual's current level.

Brainstorm Math: This website features over 2000 free, online instructional math videos in all areas of secondary mathematics. This is the perfect site for teachers looking for video content to supplement their lessons.

Khan Academy
: With a library of over 3,000 videos covering everything from arithmetic to finance and 315 practice exercises, Khan Academy is on a mission to help students learn what they want, when they want, at their own pace. All of the site's resources are free and available to anyone at any time. A new iPad application was even just released.

The Math Forum: This online community includes teachers, students, researchers, and parents who have an interest in math and math education. The site includes fun features like Ask Dr. Math, Problems of the Week, and discussion groups.

Contests and Projects:

MATHCOUNTS: Currently in their 29th year, MATHCOUNTS is one of the country's largest and most successful education contests involving volunteers, educators, and students. A competition program that promotes middle school mathematics achievement, MATHCOUNTS holds contests throughout the country. This is a great opportunity for middle school math teachers interested in starting a math club/team.

The Math League: The Math League, designed for students in fourth grade through high school, specializes in math contests, books and computer software. The "Help Facility" is a handy reference guide for math topics complete with examples, definitions and explanations. If you are looking for an after school math activity for students, this is a great place to start.

Are you a math teacher? Do you have any go-to resources to share?
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written by Richard Sydney Australia, April 02, 2012

Sorry, here is the URL:
written by Richard Sydney Australia, April 02, 2012

I teach 7-10 graders and quite frequently have students that are unable to complete their homework. After a lesson I usually show examples of working out systematically. Despite that a good proportion of the students seem to get stuck when doing their homework. This could be attributed perhaps to short term memory loss, which is quite common, or they genuinely weren’t able to solve the problems, it’s hard to say… This math website came to my rescue. It practically takes the kid by the hand showing the step by step solution to each question relating to most math topics. It’s like having a permanent assistant. It’ saving me a lot of time and I can now devote more time to more needy students. I introduced it many colleagues and parents and they all seem to love it. I am sure you too will.

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