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Twitter in the Classroom
posted by: Ruthie | December 21, 2012, 02:10 PM   

Last Wednesday, I went to lunch with my friend Paula and her husband. Paula, an elementary teacher, was currently taking a graduate course on educational technology and had just gotten her first ever smartphone. These two events converged to introduce Paula to Twitter for the first time. We spent some time introducing Paula as to how to use Twitter to connect with other teachers and find resources.

This is what many teachers already use Twitter for – a sort of professional development hub. The use of Twitter, though, can go beyond that. Teachers across the country are pioneering the use of Twitter in their classrooms with their students.

Twitter has a wide range of uses in the classroom. It can be used for everything from monitoring comprehension, to communicating with students outside of class, to being the medium through which students complete a project.

Ways you can use Twitter in the Classroom include:

• Enable students to ask a question during class without interrupting others.
• Have an outside class hour discussion.
• Have a discussion with students in other periods/classes/schools.
• Communicate class announcements with parents.
Send assignments and homework hints to students.
• Have students follow relevant Twitter feeds (like the Washington Post's "live" tweeting of the Civil War)
• Have students Tweet responses to a question
• Have students "Tweet" their assignment to you.
• Have students create fictional Twitter accounts relevant to the topic being studied.

If you want more information on using Twitter in the classroom, check out this great infographic.

Have you had any success using Twitter with your students?
Comment below. 

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