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Wants and Needs During COVID-19
posted by: Tamia | April 28, 2020, 09:04 am   

This week's guest blog is by AAEF Advocacy Fellow Tabitha Brown, teacher, mentor, and grade-level lead at Global Village Academy in Northglenn, CO.


In kindergarten, two of our social studies lessons include learning the difference between wants and needs and our relation to our community. These seem to be two lessons that may quell the current frenzy for action. I teach kindergarten and desperately want to be with my kids, to reassure them that things will return to normal, to give them time to engage with peers, and guide them in their exploration of their world. I need to do it digitally, I need to be home. 

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Zoom Bombing & How to Avoid It
posted by: Melissa | April 23, 2020, 09:45 am   

When schools started closing a month ago, the natural transition for most educators was to pick a video platform and move their classes online. While some schools already had a method for videoconferencing established, in other schools, teachers were left to figure out what to use on their own. It quickly became apparent that one video conferencing service was standing out from the rest: Zoom. 

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School Choice: A Shape Sorter
posted by: Tamia | April 08, 2020, 04:34 pm   

This week's guest blog is by AAEF Advocacy Fellow Tiffany Svennes, Director of Post-Secondary Studies, Denver Justice High School, Denver, Colorado.

I will never forget the day I learned the true depth and meaning behind the School Choice movement. I attended traditional schools as a student and have always been involved in non-traditional schools as a professional. The fact that parents should be able to enroll their students in a school outside their neighborhood seemed silly and arbitrary until the day I learned better. Ironically, my one-year-old daughter in all her slobbery glory clued me into this education lesson.

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In Case You Missed It – Here’s What Educators are Talking About!
posted by: Tamia | April 02, 2020, 01:39 pm   

AAE held its first Educators Connect virtual gathering via Zoom on Tuesday, March 31. We had more than 30 attendees join for a lively discussion about topics we’re all facing during school closures, virtual instruction, and the general disruption and uncertainty as the Coronavirus pandemic up-ends our sense of normalcy and the education goals we had for the academic year.

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Your Day as a Distance Learning Educator
posted by: Melissa | March 26, 2020, 04:18 pm   

For most people in the United States and across the world, our day suddenly looks different. Restaurants are closed, and office workers have set up laptops on their kitchen tables. Educators may be used to waking up at the crack of dawn so that they’re in their classroom by 7:00 am, but in this new reality, they’re being asked to log in to a computer instead. A day of a classroom teacher is highly structured with every minute planned for. Now at home, teachers are having to plan their own day and figure out how to spend their time. So what should that look like? 

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